Sunday, April 20, 2008

Tuff-Girl, Vegas baby

Black India ink on bristol board. 13.375" x 10".

I've been attempting to ink Tuff-Girl in an old, newspaper adventure strip style. More precisely, I've been trying to make them look like Milt Caniff's Terry and the Pirates stuff. Maybe only so far as making it look like Caniff's inks over my drawings.

I find that there was an economy of line in the Terry strips contrasted to his Steve Canyon strips, which had a lot more hatching making the strip more gray. Layout wise, Terry strips had more establishing shots, detailed backgrounds and generally mixed thing up visually, but in a good, interesting way.

Now, why not emulate Tarzan or Flash Gordon strips? Only for the reason that someone once compared the way I was drawing to Caniff's, and at least he drew adventure comics, and that's what Tuff-Girl was; a super-hero adventure comic.

I'll say this about "old style" inking, it's not terribly digital coloring friendly. Many of the lines don't close off areas, making the simple act of "Dropping color" into areas, not so simple.

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