Tuesday, June 30, 2015

This Is What I Drew Sunday

Here are the top 3 liked pieces including a tie for 3rd from last Sunday’s inaugural social experiment that I call, “What Shall I Draw Today?”

#1 Jubilee (90’s): suggested by Steve

#2 Harley Quinn (Suicide Squad): suggested by LJ CaliCollectibles

#3 Monster Enjoying a Day at the Beach: suggested by Suzanne

#3 Tuff-Girl and Deadpool Fighting Over Tuff-Mutt’s Water Bowl: Suggested by Pandorina Blythe

Thank you to every one to made a drawing suggestion and for keeping it clean. And thank you for every one who voted with their Facebook and Instagram “likes.”

The next time I do this, I will provide more advanced notice.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

What Shall I Draw Today? June 2015

Ariel, the Little Mermaid
When I take on commissions during a comic convention like last weekend’s Heroes Convention is Charlotte, NC, there are two things on which folks comment: 1) I stand up and draw throughout the con with a clipboard in hand; and 2) I’m fast. The third thing are my relatively reasonable commission prices, but I assure you those are only for conventions and if I’m successful, my rate will creep up to more competitive, professional levels.

The first has no bearing on my studio work, and truthfully I will sit down if I’m tired in the final couple of hours in a day.

The second combined with my newly up-joining to Instagram, I’ve chosen this random Sunday to ask this simple question, “What shall I draw today?”

The Invisible Woman
While I don’t expect it to blow up into an unmanageable monstrous undertaking, just in case I guess I’ll have to establish some rules.

1) I reserve the right NOT to draw anything suggested either for content or design without explanation.

2) I’ll field suggestions through comments made in this blog, monotonae, Facebook (either directly to me “Bryan L Mon” or to “I’m a Fan of Bryan Mon,” or through Instagram (if that’s how that works. I don’t know.) I’m monstergram7.

3) This little experiment will extend through 11:59 p.m. today, Sunday, June 27th, 2015.

I’ll post what I do on Instagram as I go and then my top 3 favorites (a.k.a. liked) here on monotonae tomorrow, Monday.

Ready? Set. GO!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Unstoppable Tuff-Girl, 10th Anniversary

This year, the character Tuff-Girl celebrates the tenth year from first appearing in the pages of Silver Comics issue #5!

To commemorate this milestone, I created this Art Deco inspired poster (above). The poster measuring17" w. x 36" h (43.2 cm x 91.4 cm), will be first available for purchase at the ever nearing Heroes Convention, June 19-21 in Charlotte, NC. I will be arriving at the con with a limited number of copies of the poster priced at $10 each, and at the con, you may, of course, get Tuff-Girl creators Bryan Mon (that’s me) and Merrill Hagan to sign copies of the poster.

I had run through multiple thumbnail drawings for concepts for art to commemorate this special occasion, and narrowed it down to this, albeit another, running pose. Well, Superman flies, Spider-Man swings, and Tuff-Girl runs. From a rough pencil drawing I developed the final art as vector art in Adobe® Illustrator. In the image above, the black lines represent the outlines of the vector shapes, over the red pencil lines of the roughly drawn art.

Admittedly, I’ve been terrible at social media and by extension I’ve been terribly terrible at utilizing social media to promote my self and my projects. That said if you find me at Heroes Con this coming weekend (AA-1511), and utter the code word, “Montreal,” I will sell you a signed copy for the promotional amount of $1 USD.

We’ll see you at Heroes!

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Heroes and There-O, part 2

Monster Enterprises presents
Bryan Mon (me) and
Merrill Hagan
as they return to

Artist Alley - 1511

June 19-21, 2015
Charlotte Convention Center
501 S. College St.
Charlotte, NC 28202

The count down has begun. Heroes Convention is less than a week away.
I quite excited. I’ve still got lots to do, but yes, quite excited.

L B C N U!