The digital suggestion box opens throughout the year for all kinds of suggestions in 24-hour sessions called “What Shall I Draw Today?”

“What Shall I Draw Today?” all-day sessions will be conducted on the Sunday preceding the last Monday of the month from January through September. WSIDT will not be scheduled in the last three months of the year because those months as predictably, terribly busy.

Here is the event schedule for 2017:
January 29th
February 26th
March 26th
April 23rd
May 28th
June 25th
July 30th
August 27th
September 24th

Announcements generally happen about one week prior to each session.

Topic suggestions will be taken from the drop of each session’s announcement, but drawings will be done “as I like,” meaning that it’s not “first-come-first serve,” so a suggestion that comes in Sunday night may get done before suggested days prior.

Each session officially begins at
12:01 a.m. Eastern time on the scheduled day.

Sessions close for suggestions at
11:59 p.m. Eastern time on the scheduled day.

The final drawing will be posted at about
11:59 p.m. Pacific time at the end of the WSIDT session.

Suggestions may be posted through any of the following social media sites:

Intstagram @ monstergram7

Facebook @ Bryan L. Mon

Facebook @ I’m a fan of Bryan Mon

The drawings will be posted on Instagram and shared on Facebook.

A. It’s a way to put Instagram to good use.

B. It’s good practice for drawing different things that, if left to my own devices, I’d probably end up drawing a lot of Supergirl.

C. This helps me build up a stock of original art to sell at my comic book convention showings.

Suggestions may be just about any thing, but generally they should be kept rated-PG and family-friendly. There is one notice, as follows:

1. I reserve the right to choose amongst all suggestions of what to draw and what not to draw.

The suggestion list is cleared at the beginning for each new session. If I didn't get to drawing your suggestion from a prior WSIDT session, go ahead and toss in the suggestion again. Go ahead and toss in a suggestion if I did draw it before.

I’m Bryan Mon (some times I do sign grander pieces as Bryan L. Mon).
This is my blog.
I currently work as a character artist on staff at Walt Disney Consumer Products, where I have primarily drawn Disney Princesses, and characters from Frozen.
For twelve years prior to this, I was one of the staff illustrators at Cartoon Network, Atlanta, GA.
In the six year prior to that, I at times concurrently worked my first stint and WDCP and as an “on-stage” character artist in Disneyland’s Main Street clock/watch shop, New Century Timepieces as it was named at the time.
I am also working on my self-published super-persons adventure comic book, Unstoppable Tuff-Girl.

-   - – - =+= - – -   -

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

Buy - Can I buy something drawn here that I like?
Yes, kind of. Most pieces will be put up for sale at which ever is my next comic convention showing. 

Commission - Is this a good time to ask for a commissioned drawing?
Sorry, no. Taking suggestions here is different from taking on commissions. For one thing, no money is exchanged, and without that, there is no obligation on my part to follow requests of topics, details, piece size and deliver dates.

Left overs - Will suggestions not drawn be carried over into the nest WSIDT session?
Suggestions from previous WSIDT whether or not drawn, will not carry over into following sessions. They have, from time to time, popped up amongst the daily instagram postings.

Materials - What do you draw with?
I use Prismacolor Verithin (formerly Col-Erase) color pencils. I favor a black Pentel sign pen brush tip for inking. Most of these are drawn on cut 100# Bristol Board, both smooth and vellum surface. Sometimes I’ll use water colors of different brands on water color paper.

Not Super-heroes - May I suggest things that aren’t super-heroes?
Yes, please do. Most suggestions have been sourced from pop culture, but there no rule that they need be. Be creative. 

Nudity - Will you draw nudes?
No. Generally drawings will follow the modesty precedents of a “Coca-Cola” advertisement.

Picks - How are suggestions picked to be drawn?
Drawings are done in “as I like” fashion. If something sounds interesting, then I’ll probably draw it.

Quantity - How many pieces will be drawn in one session?
Based on my output to date, between 12 and 30 pieces will be drawn. Due to the restrictions of time, there is no guarantee for drawing all received suggestions.

Reservations - Can drawing(s) that I like be reserved to be purchase it at your next comic con?
Generally, no. However, I do take on pre-con commission orders for my comic convention showings (check here at monotonae for announcements). If you put in a order for one of those, then yes, I will also hold any available piece you find on my Instagram (and shared on Facebook).  

Sequence - Are drawing done in order of “first come, first serve?”
No, drawings may not be done in the order of when the suggestions were received. 

Size - How big do you draw these?
Most pieces will be drawn on 2.5" x 3.5" (collector card size) cut Bristol Board.

Specifications - Can I request specific art mediums, styles and art board sizes?
Suggestions may be as detailed as you wish. However, I may not follow them to the letter. Sorry, because (see “Buy” and see “Commission”).

Winners - Which drawings are the most “liked”?
Late the next day, the top 3 “liked” drawings will be posted here on monotonae. “Likes” are tallied from Instagram and the two Facebook pages, with the number of comments posted used as tie breakers.

VIP - Do Sunday suggestion get preferential treatment?
Sunday suggestions have an equal chance of being picked as ones suggested early. Sunday suggestions will no longer be pushed to the top of the list.

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