Sunday, October 29, 2017

Earth’s Mightiest Princesses

“Disney Princesses as Marvel Avengers” was one of many suggestions made during on of this summer’s “What Shall I Draw Today?” sessions. It was a big challenge: 1) because there are 11 official Disney Princesses used in the franchise; and 2) because matching personalities, talents or other factors fairy tale heroines to adventure story super women didn’t come together naturally. So I didn’t draw is as part of that day’s WSIDT, but instead tackled a few group at a time  every two or three weeks.

From and original triptych, I expanded the series to five parts and include eight more “unofficial” princesses. All five color sketches are on my Instagram (@monstergram7).

For fun, I’ve composited the five into a panoramic action scene. If you were a reader in the 1980’s of Marvel Comics, you might remember the series The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe whose covers could be tiled to create a larger whole image, more or less depending upon printing variances. The five sketches worked a little like that. The digital composite has a tighter layout than tiling each side-by-side.

And here’s the imperfect list of how I matched Princess to Super-Hero: