Sunday, June 29, 2014

Heroes Con 2014 Round Up

Heroes Convention, Charlotte, NC, June 20-22, 2014 — My biggest thanks to the folks at Heroes Con this year. Thanks, of course, to the behind-the-scenes folks who make it possible. Thanks to the attendees, many of whom are still discovering Unstoppable Tuff-Girl and my art. Thanks to the exhibitors (I like stuff) and thanks to the other creators and artists who are so inspiring in what they do. And you’ve gotta look at that floor layout: 50% of it is Artist Alley and Indie Island!

The bad: None of this is actually has to do with the Con proper.
a) I overslept a bit and missed my shuttle pickup to LAX, and had to take a taxi instead.

b) I had a big steak dinner on my first night in Charlotte and clogged up my hotel toilet that evening.

c) Still fine-tuning the cross-country show traveling, I brought change of underwear and only the clothes on my back to maximize space for everything else in my luggage and carry-ons (whew).

d) Didn’t travel with my banner.

e) Didn’t have issue No.3 of Unstoppable Tuff-Girl ready.

The good: 
3) People like my stuff - of those who stopped at my table.
2) A table facing the back wall isn’t as bad as you may expect (if you’re close to the middle of the room).
1) Made contact with several artists with whom I hope to collaborate on an upcoming project.

Mixed Bag:
- My Supergirl and Batgirl team up art (ink and color pencil, see below) donated to the art auction was awarded to only a starting bid of only $100. (What?) Since I’m not likely to be bigger name by the 2015 Con, I’ll have to do something bigger and rendered to win higher bids.

- Free buttons continue to be snatched up by passersby’s, but poor ‘Little Tuffy’ buttons continue to be last picks.

- 15 collector sketch cards themed with character mash-up of Disney Princesses and Marvel heroines and Femme Fatals turn heads and bring smiles. (Note to self: do more sketch cards ahead of cons, do more mash-ups, do more sketch card themes). More on this in a future post.

- Elsa and Anna from Frozen continue to be popular requests for commission sketches.

- Got to spend about 20 hours in Atlanta following a 5 hour bus trip from Charlotte. I ate a lot here and viewed the Dream Cars exhibit at the High Museum.

SUPERGIRL and BATGIRL ™ and © DC Comics.