Monday, May 12, 2008

120 [m ] Fostering a Feeling of Home

Digital art.

Here's something few people out side of the company will get to see: wall decoration and build-out in our 6th floor lobby.

No small amount of money is spent designing and constructing (well, the latter since the design part in handled in house) a creative work environment.

The layout of frames on the teal colored wall was designed by Jay Rogers and Shari Margolin and is applied to the wall as printed vinyl like wall paper. Themed after the show Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, the lobby area in front of the wall vinyl includes a table with chairs and a couch for casual meetings (not shown).

The last part, my bit, was a small stage on which 5-ft. character statues would stand and dimensional fireplace with faux fire. I designed the stage and fireplace and we went through a few rounds of pricing the construction.

It hasn't been built yet.

120 [m ] Get Your Billy and Mandy On

Pencil on copier paper with digital color

Because the Cartoon Network isn't humongous like the Walt Disney Company with their individual art departments in every different division (yet), our illustration gang in Atlanta gets the opportunity to work on more than trade and consumer advertisements and licensed product. Among which, we have designed dimensional things like the Cartoon Network sponsored Macy's Thanksgiving Day floats of the past three years, the Atlanta Braves' "Tooner Field" kids play area, and character "walkaround" event costumes.

Above are concepts for two such event costumes, Billy and Mandy of the popular The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy. The characters are big-headed kids. Mandy in about 2-head tall. However, big head designs aren't friendly to a costume for a 5-ft. tall actor, especially if you want the actor's hands in the character's.

Cartoon Network has been working with Scollon, by all accounts the premiere company to create such mascot costumes. The process of sharing designs and commenting on construction by way of e-mailed photos can be hit and miss. But you do what you can.

TAGS Apr. 5 & 6, 1993

Featuring: Edie (red squirrel) and Carolyn (Raccoon).

With their offerings of seasonal work shifts, themed amusement parks are generally known to be the employers of eager young students. Sometimes academic and work commitments clash. Write joke here.

Although presented here with as a female stereotype, many male college freshmen too find themselves sucked into the occasional daytime drama between classes.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Oh, Crazy Chicken, Why Are You So Tasty?

Atlanta, GA finally gets El Pollo Loco!
Technically there aren't any in "Atlanta", but at least 5 in the area: Chamblee, Lithia Springs, Lithonia, Marietta and Roswell.

Unfortunately, these are all OTP (Outside The Perimeter). If you drew circle, Atlanta would be the area inside the circle, the circle would be the 285 highway designating the "perimeter", and outside the circle would be all the various suburban communities.

Is 6 miles too far out of the way to get delicious flame-grilled chicken marinated in savory lime and spices? I got the greasy bag didn't I?

120 [m ] - Rescue Recess

a) Ben, b) 2 Blooregard poses, c) Jake, d) Tamika
All pencil on copier paper

An adjunct or supplement to the Get Animated program, is the Rescuing Recess campaign which is in response to the loss of recess time in some schools' curriculum due to budget cuts. The icon for this has been a red playground ball - conspicuously adorned with telltale logos of course.

The refresh of the visuals consisted of character silhouettes and more balls. Here are Ben (Ben 10), Blooregard Q. Kazoo (Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends), Jake Spidermonkey (My Gym Partner's a Monkey), and Tamika (Class of 3000).

120 [m ] Getting Animated

a) Ben on bike: Pencil with digital color
b) 2 poster concepts: pencil and ink with digital color

Cartoon Network's campaign to get kids up and active, Get Animated, gets refreshed every year with new characters and design. For 2007, Ben 10 was added in the form of original art of Ben on a mountain bike. The final art was handled by Darren Hunt.

Here as a couple of unused poster concepts. The Get Animated poster would be used as advertising space announcing the touring carnival of fitness activities. It would also serves as the design basis for all associated materials like mailing labels and premiums.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

120 [m ] Fall Guy, pt. 1

Red and blue pencil of copier paper.

Together with designer Matt Crouch, writer Clint Carruth and illustrator Darren Hunt I worked on six conceptual drawings for the FusionFall page/month of the 2008 Cartoon Network calendar.

FusionFall is or will be a Massive Multi-player Online Game (MMOG) kind of like, as it's been described to me, World of Warcraft and City of Heroes. Players will create an avatar that interacts with alternate-reality, Manga-styled versions of Cartoon Network characters.

The calendar page would be in the style of a Russian propaganda poster. I also wanted to have something catchy reminiscent of WWII U.S. propaganda posters - like "Loose Lips Sink Ships." In all of the drawings, there is a play on the idea that there are things in the game, "Fusions", which should be avoided.

We proceeded with the bottom design of the three presented here with the line-up of large characters at the bottom.

Maybe I'll post the final image when the game officially launches.

120 [m ] Fall Guy, pt. 2

Red and blue pencil on copier paper.

Three more concepts.