Sunday, April 20, 2008

120 [m ] Ben 10 Trade Advertisements pt.2

Red and blue rollerball ink on copier paper.

e) molecule of product photos
f) hero Four Arms tearing up a page out of the magazine
g) hero Heatblast burning a hole in a 2-page spread in a magazine

In this campaign, some of the ad space purchased was one page, some two pages, and one was a four page insert. Realistically, you can neither stretch a one page ad over four pages, nor compress four pages into one. What you can do is repeat the idea and look of the single ad over multiple pages as needed, adding supporting information to enhance the message.

The concept chosen for this campaign was to have Ben's alien hero from interrupt the licensing magazine by tearing, ripping, bruning, etc. what looks like an article revealing "Ben 10 world" accompanied, of course, by the message (f) and g)).

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