Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Double Down

Red Col-erase pencil and placed art on comic layout board. 13.375" x 10.00" (33.973 cm x 25.40 cm). Second image is a detail in portrait aspect for a book cover.

Not satisfied with the image, Tuff-Girl has been re-drawn entirely, the roulette wheel shifted to the left, and the left thug's features are a little smaller.
Keeping the right thug's right hand holding the money bag is as of yet undecided. There isn't much space, and is not (probably to most readers) very clearly rendered as a gloved hand holding a bag.

The choice of red pencil and printed placed art has everything to do with the fact that red, when scanned with a color scanner, almost entirely appears white when the viewed in the red channel only*. When drawn over directly with black ink, the red is effectively erased in the red channel showing only the black. By not physically erasing anything, there is that much more time and effort saved, and that much less possibility of smudging the black. The original rough pencil was also drawn with red pencil, but posted to the blog as a grayscale image.
The finishing part of this Photoshop® trick is to convert the red channel only image to grayscale. Then clean up as desired or necessary.

* Color scanners create a digital image composed of three channels: red (R), green (G) and blue (B) together known as "RGB". Your television and most likely the computer monitor you are viewing right now is displaying images in RGB.

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