Sunday, April 20, 2008

120 [m ] Ben 10 Trade Advertisements pt.1

Red and blue roller ball ink on copier paper.

The difference between a trade ad. and a consumer ad. is like the difference between whole sale and retail, the business is defined by the end user. The "trade" is licensing, which is letting companies enhance their product with your property usually some sort of trademark like a logo or cartoon character.

Goal: Advertise to trade the Ben 10 is a hot property ripe with licensing possibilities.

If you need to know anything about the T.V. series Ben 10, it is about 10 year old Ben who with a mysterious alien wrist watch, the Omnitrix, can transform into over ten alien forms. Ben uses the various abilities of these forms to fight bad guys.

a) and d) the visual metaphor of different product emanating from the Omnitrix.
b) a photographic collage of different Ben 10 product which combine to form several of Ben's alien hero forms.
c) genes or DNA or molecules.

If I remember correctly, these concept were developed by Jay Rogers, Clint Carruth and myself, the creative team assign to the job.

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