Sunday, April 20, 2008

120 [m ] Ben 10 Trade Advertisements pt.3

Red and blue rollerball ink on copier paper.

h) making use of the Omnitrix's face as an icon, the hourglass in a circle
i) Ben holds the Omnitrix high.

The typical licensing magazine is full of ads. of licensors like Cartoon Network, Disney, Dreamworks, etc. declaring the popularity, be it actual or potential, of their property to attract potential licensees. Some of the ads do all but literally make that statement, and some have supporting data. Many look like a fast food restaurant's menu of logos, while a few have the cleverness and visual appeal of a consumer ad. Then maybe 20% of the remainder of the magazine are articles and features about licensing, licensees, trends and trade shows.

They're like any magazine, "Cosmo," "Entertainment Weekly," what have you, but about licensing.

And just like any ad, half the job of the ad is to get people to stop and look at it.

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