Saturday, January 9, 2021

Tributes 2016-2018

With Instagram as an easier social media platform than say Facebook, with it’s simple take-a-picture-and-send feature, I would make quick sketch tribute to notable people who passed away. Here I cover some of the tribute in the years of 2016 through 2018.


 Gene Wilder

1933 - 2016
American actor, filmmaker, singer-songwriter
He probably made the more indelible mark on childhood film experiences in assuming the role of Willy Wonka, but his “Young Frankenstein” (star and co-writer) is tops with me.

 Florence Henderson

1934 - 2016
American actress, singer
I her role as Carole Brady, the matriarch of the blended family of “The Brady Bunch,” she was an important part of my 1970’s television watching life.

Carrie Fisher

1956 - 2016
American actress, writer
As the Galactic senator Princess Leia who faces the towering black robed Darth Vader in the first “Star Wars” film, she is every bit the leader and hero that her co-stars in the more active-written roles were.

 Debbie Reynolds

1932 - 2016
American actress, singer
“Singing in the Rain.” Watch it.

 Mary Tyler Moore

1936 - 2017
American actress, producer
Her Laurie Petrie in the “The Dick Van Dyke Show” stands out in that era’s of American television programming as being a unquestionable co-starring role. Eleven years later, “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” stands out as an enduring comedy series.

 John Hurt

1940 - 2017
British actor
What a death scene! Ridley Scott’s “Alien.”

 Bill Paxton

1955 - 2017
American actor, film director, producer
He excelled at being the on-screen rascal - the guy who’s a little too load and brash, but you enjoy having him around.

 Chuck Berry

1926 - 2017
American singer, songwriter, guitarist
The “father of rock and roll.” Enough said.

 Roger Moore

1927 - 2017
English actor
Having been more exposed to Roger Moore’s James Bond in my youth, I quite enjoyed his portrayal of the British spy a bit over his predecessor Sean Connery. “Moonraker” - “spies in space” - was that too much? No, if anything it wasn’t enough.

 Adam West

1928 - 2017
American actor
Adam West’s Batman is 100% entertainment, and I love it for that.

 Martin Landau

1928 - 2017
American actor, acting coach, producer
As a science-fiction hungry boy, seeing the leader of “Space 1999’s” Moonbase Alpha was also “that guy” from the excellent “Mission: Impossible” series - yes. It wasn’t his fault that there were no Vulcans, Klingons or a pesky Dr. Smith.

 Jerry Lewis

1926 - 2017
American comedian, actor, singer
I’ll highlight “The Ladies Man” in which he plays the handyman/servant in a boarding house for women which plays on opportunities for misunderstandings, high jinx, short skits and physical comedy. Then for the right -side of your brain, dig that practical, built-in-a-sound-stage mansion interior set.

 Tom Petty

1950 - 2017
American singer, songwriter, musician
“American Girl” is a work commute favorite.

 Margot Kidder
1948 - 2018
Canadian-American actress, director
The Lois Lane of the 1970’s, is, I think, a believable, if reckless news reporter.

 Aretha Franklin

1942 - 2018
American singer, songwriter, actress
While soul music wasn’t a big part of my radio playlists, the “Queen of Soul’s” hits were undeniable.

 Burt Reynolds

1936 - 2018
American actor, director and producer
I fondly remember him from “Smokey and the Bandit” the precursor to “The Dukes of Hazzard.”


 Jack Lindquist

1927 - 2016
President of Disneyland, CA 1990-1993
A long-time Disney employee starting in the first year of the famed theme park’s operation. I wish I had a Jack Lindquist story from my own 13 years of overlapping service at Disneyland.

 Robert Osborne

1932 - 2017
American actor, film historian, television presenter
As the long-time host on Turner Classic Movies network, the joy and ease of his guests as they recalled stories surrounding classic films informed the audience that Osborne himself perhaps has stories to tell himself.

 Marty Sklar

1934 - 2017
Walt Disney Imagineer, scriptwriter, construction developer
I envision Sklar to have a pixie on his shoulder as I do most of the Imagineers of the1950’s and 60’s who interacted directly Walt Disney. He brought a touch of magic to the Disneyland experience that isn’t just something a computer did.

  Artists & Writers  

 Darwyn Cooke

1962 - 2016
Canadian comics artist, writer, cartoonist and animator
His “DC: The New Frontier” limited series, lured me in with a straight-forward art style and grabbed my DC-loving heart with its honest story-telling.

 Len Wein

1948 - 2017
American comic book writer and editor
I mostly knew him as one of the names in the credits box. I’m forever grateful to him for co-creating Nightcrawler of Marvel’s X-Men.

 Steve Ditko

1927 - 2018
American comics artist and writer
The co-creator of Spider-Man - a great character with a great costume.

  Politics, Science 

 John Glenn

1921 - 2017
United States Marine Corps aviator, engineer, astronaut
One of the “Mercury Seven,” the seven pilots selected to fly spacecraft for Nasa’s Project Mercury, he embodies a mythic air of daring and heroics.

 Gene Cernan

1934 - 2017
American astronaut, Naval Aviator, Electrical engineer
One of the Apollo astronauts and know as the last to have walked on the moon. Which purrs in my mind the wonders of what that was like.

 Stephen Hawking

1942 - 2018
English theoretical physicist, cosmologist, author
Cheekily I call him a famous smart guy, who also said that we shouldn’t try to contact extra-terrestrial intelligence. He might have had a point.

 John McCain III

1936 - 2018
American statesman and United States Navy officer
I draw cartoons. He was a man who survived, endured and lead with moral certainty.

 President George H. W. Bush

1924 - 2018
American politician, diplomat, 41st President of the United States
Even if the presidency of Richard Nixon confused my young mind, I felt that President Bush took his leadership position seriously.

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

What I Drew Sunday, September 27th - Top 3

In the last-of-the-year session of “What Shall I Draw Today?” I offered a list of 21 not-yet-drawn suggestions previous pitched this year. Last year, I branded this kind of thing as a “Rewind Day.”  This year I didn’t brand it as such, allowing for folks to also make new suggestions. On the day, I pulled from the poll starting with the suggestion receiving the most votes and trying to work in order down the list.

Here are the top 3 liked pieces from Sunday:

#1 - Christopher Robin-Hood: original suggestion by @ch_arles7762
The fully worded suggestion was as follows, “Christopher Robin-hood. Pooh and the gang posing as the characters from the cartoon Robin Hood.” This was the Number 1 voted of 21. The mashed name itself is fun enough to attract the curious.

As I do with mashed up groups, I wrote a column of name of the Hundred Acre Wood characters and a column for the Sherwood Forest characters. Then I try to match them up. Most everyone who is familiar with the Robin Hood tales knows that he led and band of “merry men.” The animated Disney film was a bit short on named merry men however: 3- Little John, Friar Tuck, Alan A-Dale. In contrast Christopher Robin has a tight group of 7 friends in the 100AW named in the Disney song about Winnie the Pooh, and then don”t forget about Tigger. Sorry, Kanga gets left out, as does Owl. I cast Roo as young Skippy- not a merry-man but it works. I cast Rabbit as Prince John, which is possible because they’re all playing. Thankfully, the antagonist gives the others something against which to react. And then Piglet is a poor Sheriff and a porter Sir Hiss. So he is cast as Will Scarlet, a named merry man in many adaptations including the Errol Flynn classic movie.

No need to get overly complicated with perspective and depth, when working with the Pooh characters. Trees with branches to sit upon provide great opportunities to place characters off of the ground. Even Rabbit gets to stand on a rock.

In another world, perhaps Tigger would have been cast as Prince John and then he would use his own tail as a puppet version of Sir Hiss.

#2 - Jasmine, Belle, Ariel and Elsa as Doctors and Nurses: original suggestion by @lindsey_baker28

This suggestion was number 5 in vote counts. You never really know what people are going to react to most strongly. I think in this case, the difference between the suggestion and the final drawing is an ethereal something that you didn’t know you wanted until you see it.

The suggester would later comment that these five are her sister’s favorites, and the suggestion was made on her sister’s behalf who is an x-ray technician.

The composition is very stock photo like. I mused about giving them a patients to attend to. I was leaning towards Aladdin, creating a humorous scene suggesting that the former street rat just took “one jump” too many. Ah, but I thought that was the wrong tone. Likewise, I opted not to have Ariel fiddling with her stethoscope, a thing to her that might be an entire mystery.

I made Belle a doctor, believing that she’d have the better grades. The other three ladies are nurses. Jasmine and Elsa nearly gets to keep their assigned colors. With her trademark hair color and large mass of hair swooping over her forehead, Ariel is always a quick read, no matter her outfit or fish tail.

#3 - Sorcerer Mickey as a Jedi: suggestion by @akoymdf

This suggestion was number 2 in vote counts.

This mashup reads like a good fit. On the one hand, you have good-gut Mickey Mouse wearing a magician’s robes and sometimes a magician’s hat. On the other hand, you have the Jedi, the fabled space magicians of Star Wars.

Never underestimate my eagerness to take an idea and make it more complicated, especially if it involves Disney characters. Enter, then, Peg Leg Pete as a Sith Lord. You can tell it’s him be the peg leg. The layout is a common showdown composition with the antagonist in the foreground with his back to the audience. In perspective, the hero is towered over by the villain, and his expression is clearly read as bravery and determination.

I decided to draw of these on the larger format of 5 in. x 7 in. The multiple character suggestions always work better given the room. But as this was a day of second chances, I wanted to give each drawing the best chance to shine.

Here are the rest of the 5 drawn on Sunday:

The Black Widows! Natasha, Yelena, and Melina
Original suggestion by @chujo9

Young Minerva McGonagall with her witch hat
Original suggestion by @akoymdf

All of these and more original piece of art will be for sale at my next comic convention showing, which, I guess, will be in 2021.

The next WSIDT session is happening in January 2021, as I take a break to turn my attentions to the end of the year holiday events. I still may pull from the voted upon list for inspiration for a fun drawing.

Thank you to everyone who pitched their fun drawing suggestions. Thank you for following my blog and/or Instagram (@Monstergram7) and/or Monster Enterprises Facebook page. Thank you for liking. 

All: Black ink and color pencil on Bristol Board.

“Christopher Robin-Hood” and “Medical Princesses” 17.78 cm  x 12.70 cm(7.00 in. x 5.00 in)
“Mickey Jedi” 12.70 cm x 17.78 cm (5.00 in. x 7.00 in.)

Friday, September 25, 2020

Eyes 'n Ears

Continuing my Behind-The-Sketch coverage of the map the I designed and draw for the D23 2020 Gold Member gift- D23 Fantastic Worlds package. This time I have for you a complete accounting of the 23 Mickeys that I hid on the map.

These clipping were composed for Instagram, but I think that they work as helpful keys to each of the 23 “hidden Mickeys.” Each square is a detail shot, clearly, to my eyes, showing the Hidden Mickey with sufficient contextual surroundings and framed to indicate the map coordinates where each may be found.

For example, in this first square, within or mostly-within the box that is the map coordinates of B-16 you will find something designed to resemble Mickey Mouse. It could be his head in part or full, or a simple 3-cicle representation of his familiar head silhouette.

This last hidden Mickey is either the most obvious or the most hidden Mickey of them all. For those of you who still want the thrill of finding it yourselves, but require a hint, then here’s the hint: turn the map up-side-down.

A funny thing happened while I was drawing this map and hiding Mickeys- I may have drawn some accidental Mickeys too. Have I been working for Disney too long? These two were spotted by my brother’s coworkers whom I assume spent part of their lunch break combing through the map.

And now here are all 23 intentional HM’s pulled together in a high-contrast chart (click on the image to maximize):

That’s not all of the things that I hid in this map, but, I’ll just have to reveal those at a later time. Or you can comment with your theories about what you think you have spotted (by map coordinates, please) and I will confirm if I can.

Happy mapping.

– Bryan Mon.