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CTN eXpo 2019

Come find me at next weekend’s CTN eXpo -2019!

CTN animation eXpo

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Nov 21-24, 2019

Burbank Airport Marriott Convention Center 
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Tuesday, October 1, 2019

What I Drew Sunday, September 29th - Top 3

For the last WSIDT of 2019 I conducted a poll to have folks vote from a list of 60 not-yet-drawn past suggestions for me to draw. Going by the popularity ranking, I drew a whopping 3 pieces!

Here they are...

#1 - The Cast of “Friends” as Princes and Princesses: suggestion by @akoymdf

Thank you to @amkoymdf for patiently waiting for me to draw a “cast of ‘Friends’” suggestion that have been pitched in WSIDT for over a year. With six caricatures, each with distinct personalities and dressed in the costume of a Disney character hopefully matching in some way, I knew it was going to be a hefty task. As it turned out, Ir required over half of the eight-hour session to sketch and color. 

Here’s what I was thinking (left to right):

Jennifer Aniston’s Rachel Green dressed as Princess Giselle from Enchanted
Giselle is not included in Disney’s 12 spotlight princesses selected for licensing, which matters little to me for this sketch. Through the course of the television series, Rachel goes from spoiled, runaway bride to independent woman. Giselle is a high-fashion princess from a fantasy world thrust into another reality who learns to make her own decisions. 

David Schwimmer’s Ross Geller dressed in Aladdin’s Prince Ali outfit. 
I’ll add now that with only three woman and three men in the cast and more than two dozen princesses and princes from which to choose, I thought that it would be fun if all six were from six different Disney films/franchises. Despite several complex romantic relationships, Ross displays a lot of insecurities on the show. As a “street rat” in disguise as a prince, Aladdin likewise reveals to the audience a lot of self-doubt.

Matt LeBlanc’s Joey Tribbiani dresses as Prince Naveen from The Princess and the Frog.
Both Joey and Naveen are up for a good time.

Courtney Cox’s Monica Geller dressed as Princess Snow White from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs of course. 
Both Monica and Snow White are good cooks (probably) and self-motivated to do some cleaning.

Lisa Kudrow’s Phoebe Buffay dressed as Princess Rapunzel from Tangled
Phoebe and Rapunzel share musical talent with a guitar and happen to have had long blonde hair.

Matthew Perry’s Chandler Bing dressed as Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid
Chandler was the most difficult to match to a Disney prince and the choices are slim. Maybe Eugene a.k.a. Flynn Ryder has the most multi-layered personality on display to compare with Chandler’s funny-man neuroticism. However, since Phoebe’s Rapnzel isn’t a Eugerne-Chandler’s lobster, I landed on good-guy Prince Eric. Eric isn’t as princely perfect as Prince Phillip (Sleeping Beauty) and he’s more defined than either of the unnamed  arguably) charming princes for Snow White and Cinderella.

Any of the cast’s hair styles were largely were taken from what ever piece of Google images searched reference on which I chose for expressions.

What Friend/Royal mashup would you have suggested?

Did you spot all of the Easter Eggs on the coffee table?

#2 - Ursula and King Triton …Young and Dating Before the Events of “The Little Mermaid”: suggestion by @motheroffreels 

Quickly on Instagram, Folks were kindly informing me that King Triton and the sea witch are siblings: brother and sister. There are versions in Disney productions and stories in which this relationship is stated. There are version in Disney productions and stories in which there is no blood relationship stated. There are versions in Disney stories in which there once was a romantic relationship between the two.

I say, for WSIDT, somebody suggested it and several folks voted to see how I would draw the two together- dating. Perhaps those who voted were ignorant of the possibility of the sibling relationship, or perhaps they were aware and, as I said, wanted to see what if and what I would draw.

From the sequel sub-titled Ariel’s Beginning, A young King Triton in depicted with rusty brown hair and beard. He’s also married with seven very young daughters. I decided to cheat the suggestion by drawing a non-bearded Prince Triton as if he were the captain of a sports team. 

I didn’t search for images of a young Ursula, thinking that I would mostly find fan art. So my fan art version is younger and slimmer because those are the typical contrasting traits. I toyed with the idea of giving her dark or black hair, but that might have been too different from tell-tale Ursula. I also considered that she may once have been a mermaid when she was young. That the octopus traits were the results of some of her own witchcraft. THAT would have been too different. 

#3 - Thor and Captain Marvel Going Hand-Over-Hand Over the Hammer: @mkano

If I don’t need to draw the highly detailed costumes of the Live action MCU versions of these heroes, then I won’t do it. However, Most of the characters have had many costume changes and looks since the 1990’s as I am most familiar. For both of these designs, I included 2019 in my search. I guess Thor is a man again and has a golden left arm gauntlet?

At any rate, I believe that Thor respects all warriors, so this isn’t a competition that’ll bruise his ego. It’s like rock-paper-scissors: some times you win, sometimes you lose.

I’m more likely to draw Mjolnir’s handle shorter. But I think I’ve seen artist’s draw it longer, and longer is better for the baseball bat composition.

A note regarding the rankings:
If you were closely watching the daily leader board changes, a “Batgirl & Supergirl versus Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy” idea was No. 2 for a while. Then on drawing day, the “Triton & Ursula” idea jumps to the second position. 

That was a result of accounting changes. Some body questioned my method of breaking ties. During the week, I was treating it as trending, so ties were settled by whichever received the latest/most recent vote.
For the final, drawing-day ranking, the deciding factor was which idea received X amounts of votes first.

The drawing day’s top 20 poll results are as follows:

1. (45) Friends cast as princes and princesses
2. (34) Ursula and King Triton …young and dating before “The Little Mermaid”
3. (41) Thor and Captain Marvel going hand over hand over the hammer
4. (11) Batgirl and Supergirl (as villains) against Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy (as heroes)
5. (29) Remy and Tiana working together in the kitchen
6. (17) Wonder Twins
7. (60) Animal trek (these are the voyages of the starship long and prosper)
8. (16) Starfire teaming up with Stargirl
9. (35) Deadpool trying to pick up Thor's hammer
10. (33) Uncle Scrooge and Gladstone Gander playing Press Your Luck
11. (7) Charlie Brown in space
12. (44) Elsa vs. Storm
13. (37) Jubilee and Squirrel Girl 
14. (19) Bill the Lizard (Alice in Wonderland)
15. (27) Moana and Pocahontas
16. (14) Robins - All the Robins' in their costumes around the same age together.
17. (47) Golden Girls as female superheroes
18. (15) Smallville Cast
19. (13) Krypto and Streaky having a mid-summer’s nap
20. (32) Three Caballeros

All sketches:
Black ink and color pencil on Bristol Board.  
“Friends Mashup” - 17.78 cm x 12.70 cm (7.00 in. x 5.00 in.).
“Ursula and Triton” and “Thor vs. Captain Marvel” - 12.70 cm x 17.78 cm (5.00 in. x 7.00 in.).

Sunday, September 22, 2019

What Shall I Draw September 29th?

What Shall I Draw Today?” is a session dedicated to drawing suggestions culled from different social media portals (like this blog). Some times they’re themed, but true to the question that is the title, suggestions can run the gamut as wide and deep as the people tossing out the suggestions. My anterior motive is to build up a stack of original sketches to bolster my sales offerings at the few comic book conventions in which I table.

In the days in-between the monthly sessions, I can pick from the suggestion lists to inspire a daily sketch to be shared on Instagram. However, this spring and summer prevented me from doing many daily sketches.

So this approaching Sunday, for the last WSIDT session of 2019, I’ve taken 60 of the not-yet-drawn suggestions from this year that seemed like the most fun (and sellable) things on which for folks to vote.

I call it “Rewind Day”.

What Shall I Draw Today?
Rewind Day
Sunday, September 29th, 2019
Eastern Daylight Time:  12pm noon - 8pm
Pacific Daylight Time:  9am - 5pm

Vote for your favorite suggestions at any and all of the following social media spots.

Blog: (here in the comments)

Instagram: @monstergram7

Facebook: /Monster Enterprises

Click on the WSIDT tab above for FAQ’s

1. Chipettes (“Alvin and the Chipmunks”)
2. Flying Glove (“Yellow Submarine”)
3. Iron Giant and Hogarth
4. Josie and the Pussycats (cartoon)
5. Powerpuff Girls
6. Steven Universe and the Crystal Gems
7. Charlie Brown in space
8. Maxx and Juile Winters
9. Anything from Umbrella Academy
10. Alex Danvers from Supegirl
11. Batgirl and, Supergirl (as villains) against Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy (as heroes)
12. Dart and Blackjack (“Atari Force”)
13. Krypto and Streaky having a mid-summer’s nap
14. All the Robins' in their costumes around the same age together
15. Smallville Cast
16. Starfire teaming up with Stargirl
17. Wonder Twins
18. Beauty and the Beast
19. Bill the Lizard (“Alice in Wonderland”)
20. Brave Little Toaster meeting Chip (“Beauty and the Beast”)
21. Calhoun (“Wreck-It Ralph”) as Rosie the Riveter
22. Celia Facilier and Dizzy Tremaine (“Descendants 3”)
23. All the female Disney villains
24. Eve and Wall-E
25. Evie (“Descendants”) mirroring herself
26. Figment & Nessie as a couple
27. Moana and Pocahontas
28. Princess Aurora in the her “livin’ solo” dress
29. Remy and Tiana working together in the kitchen
30. Stitch driving his spaceship, Ed Roth style
31. Tangled the Series characters as the Shazam team, with Eugene as Shazam
32. TheThree Caballeros
33. Uncle Scrooge and Gladstone Gander playing “Press Your Luck”
34. Ursula and King Triton …young and dating before “The Little Mermaid”
35. Deadpool trying to pick up Thor's hammer
36. Emma Frost
37. Jubilee and Squirrel Girl
38. Loki
39. Rawhide Kid
40. Rocket in his Avengers: Endgame Blue/Red uniform
41. Thor and Captain Marvel going hand over hand over the hammer
42. Disney fairies as Pretty Little Liars
43. Disney princesses as Cheerios (“Glee”)
44. Elsa vs. Storm
45. Friends cast as princes and princesses
46. Frozen characters as Hogwarts students
47. Golden Girls as female superheroes
48. Haunted Mansion’s stretching room portraits with different characters
49. Wonder Woman as a professional wrestler
50. Wreck it Ralph and Vanellope playing Super Mario as Mario and Luigi
51. Yakko, Wakko and Dot at the Hogwarts castle
52. John Wick
53. Ali Wong
54. US Women’s 2019 World Cup soccer team
55. Finn and Rey exploring Batuu and carrying some porg merch
56. Max Rebo (“Star Wars”)
57. Phyllis (“The Mary Tyler Moore Show”)
58. Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists
59. Snow White and Prince Charming (“Once Upon a Time”)
60. “Animal trek” (the starship zooprise)

Tom and Jerry and Batman and Robin.
Black ink and color pencil on Bristol Board.
17.78 cm x 12.70 cm (7.00 in. x 5.00 in.).

Sunday, September 1, 2019

What’s a Clog and Why Does it... Clog?

Last weekend at D23 Expo 2019, Anaheim, CA, Disney celebrated the 30th Anniversary of the premier of the modern classic animated film, The Little Mermaid with numerous pieces of exclusive merchandise. From the Disney Store, selected art pieces were utilized for several different items.

My Mermaid art for the celebration was replicated twice. One was on one of a set of four ornaments, while the other on a large art piece printed on glass.

In 2018, the Disney Store invited artists to contribute original art to celebrate The Little Mermaid’s 30th Anniversary, which officially lands in November 2019. Having been invited to contribute to similar calls for art, I am familiar that what general is liked best and then replicated on product are cute images of single characters with little backgrounds. My piece is not that, but a promotional poster for the movie.

Front and center is Ariel, the “little mermaid” of the story’s title, approaching a mysterious object that’s unmistakably from the human world - a shoe. That shoe is styled after the wooden clogs worn by Snow White in her introductory sequence of her own 1937 classic film. Faked perspective doesn’t quite hide the sense that it is a small clog. But I was only going to devote so much poster area to a clog.

Ariel is colored with the warmest palette and strongest white highlights. This palette choice and the mixed media treatment is inspired by the classic film poster work of Drew Struzan.

Ariel is encircled by her six sisters, her father and friends (from bottom left clock-wise): Attina, Andrina, King Triton, Arista, Alana, Adella, Aquata, Flounder and Sebastian. I cannot now remember my reasoning for the distribution of Ariels’s sisters. I did want them to each have different expressions. Some would rather have Ariel stay away from the alien thing, others are nearly as curious about it.

At the bottom right is King Triton’s underwater castle of his kingdom of Atlantica, made as bright and golden as I remember it from the movie. Compositionally, it may be too bright. The castle does contrast with the shadowy bottom left corner, from which peer the eels Flotsam and Jetsam as well as the glowing eyes of the sea witch, Ursula, further indicated by some of her emerging tentacles.

As an intended movie poster, you can sense that certain areas were left a bit void of details to reserve space for text and/or logos. That movie poster version never got completed.

As a total under-the-sea story, there is no room for Prince Eric or the seagull, Scuttle.


Monday, August 19, 2019

What I Drew Saturday, August 17th – Top 3

I slated last Saturday’s What Shall I Draw Today? (a.k.a. WSIDT) as “DC Comics Day.” The suggestions did not disappoint.

Here are the top 3 liked piece of the day.

#1 - Lynda Carter and Gal Gadot suggestion by @mannysmyname

Since it was “DC Comics Day,” of course these two are depicted in their respective Wonder Woman costumes. The art is a bit caricatured, which is a safety net for if I fail to quite capture the likenesses in given the time pressure that I place on myself.

I chose the limited palette of black ink and red pencil, in part, because there was something I found interesting in the initial red pencil drawing. 

Placing the two woman at different levels, doesn’t play as compositionally interesting as I has hoped. Ms. Gadot, unfortunately, just appears short.

This was my first attempt to draw Ms. Carter. This may be the fourth attempt that I’ve tried to draw Ms. Gadot’s likeness, caricatured or not, and I’ll say that I’m getting better.

#2 - Jessica and Roger Rabbit: suggestion by @anthony.helmer

As the singular non-DC Comics piece of the day, this suggestion was a tribute response to the news of the death of animator and director of Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Richard Williams. The suggestion presented the option one of the other, but there is always more story opportunity when you have at least two characters to work with.

To my recollection and at least to recent memory, this is the first time that I’ve drawn the couple, rather than either alone. Regardless of the occasion, I think these are my best drawings of either Jessica and Roger to date. I think I’m more comfortable with their designs enough to stray away from literal copies of movies stills and infuse them with a bit more design refinement – things like balance, line of action and clarity of silhouettes.

Many of my tributes to the more behind-the-scenes talents, focus on the beloved characters and creations rather than portrait drawings or caricatures. It’s pretty much implying, “if you like these (characters), then you’ll care to remember the life and work of this person who helped create and bring them to you.’’

#3 - Supergirl and Harley Quinn: suggestion by @vidarapotor394

As an addendum to the suggestion was “Maybe they can have Starbucks or something?” Not wanting to put more brain power in to it than necessary, the two are at a coffee shop. The logo is, however, inspired by the Starbucks logo, featuring instead a stylized Mera.

Not being a coffee drinker myself, I took the opportunity to have one of them, Supergirl here, enjoy some doughnuts instead. It was a choice of either doughnuts or ice cream. 

Compositionally, once I decide to have Supergirl’s cape blow in the wind in a specific directions, then other things like hair need follow. It was fortunate, then that Harley’s pigtails didn’t have to be drawn across her face to the left. Her pose and position wasn’t planned to allow space for back-swept pigtails.

It’s interesting to try to track which ones receive the most likes. Early on, both “Tom and Jerry” and “Morpheus and Death” were in among the top 3.

Her are the remaining 6 of the 9 sketches:

Tom and Jerry as Batman and Robin
Robotman (Doom Patrol)
Morpheus and Death (take #1)

Morpheus and Death (take # 2) on a Beach (following to the suggestion)
Static (Static Shock)


All original pieces of art to be sold at my next tabled convention appearance - CTN Expo, Burbank in November.

The next WSIDT is scheduled for Sunday, September 29. It will be last WSIDT of the year.

More drawings posted on my Instagram feed, @monstergram7.

All  Black ink and color pencil:
“Wonder Women” on paper. 12.70 cm x 17.78 cm (5.00 in. x 7.00 in.).
“Jessica and Roger” on Bristol Board. 6.35 cm x 8.89 cm (2.50 in. x 3.50 in.).
“Supergirl and Harley Quinn” on watercolor paper. 12.70 cm x 17.78 cm (5.00 in. x 7.00 in.).

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

What Shall I Draw August 17th?

From now through the evening of Saturday, August 17th, I’m accepting new suggestions for things to draw over an hour dedicated to drawing all things DC Comics related.

What Shall I Draw Today?
DC Comics Day
Saturday, August 17th, 2019
Eastern Daylight Time:  12pm noon - 8pm
Pacific Daylight Time:  9am - 5pm

If it feels like I just ran this sort of things, then you’re not wrong. This month’s session was moved a week earlier because it conflicted with the weekend of D23 Expo. Further, this time it’s happening on SATURDAY rather then Sunday to work around other things happening.

Per usual, the hopper of suggestions will be emptied of all previously pitched suggestions. I will be choosing from new suggestions made from now until the end of Saturday’s WSIDT. Start posting your suggestions at any of the following social media spots where you see the above prompting image.

What’s more, I will only be choosing DC Comics related suggestions: Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Swamp Thing, etc. In fact, as I’m still engaged in a big project otherwise, the chances that non-DC themed suggestions popping up on my Instagram in the weeks following are unlikely. So you may as well use your time and creativity on DC stuff.

Blog: (here in the comments)

Instagram:  @monstergram7

Facebook:  /Monster Enterprises

Click on the WSIDT tab above for FAQ’s.

Bob’s Burgers
Black ink and color pencil on paper.
12.70 cm x 17.78 cm (5.00 in. x 7.00 in.)

And What does “Bob’s Burgers” have to do with DC? Nothing. I just traditionally use the fourth-top liked piece from the previous WSIDT as the background image of the prompting image.

Friday, August 9, 2019

Haunted Mansion at 50

 Today, Disneyland’s famous spook house attraction, Haunted Mansion, celebrates the 50th anniversary of welcoming the public to visit its 999 happy haunts.

Pencil draft stage, carmine red pencil on paper.
21.6 cm x 27.9 cm (8.50 in. x 11.00 in.)
The attraction features a pair of opera singers, although I chose to only depict the female member. In the original vignette, conceived by Disney Imagineer Marc Davis, her male companion stands on her left side and is thin, wearing a stage costume version of nordic/viking armor. Her long, left braid is draped over her companion’s chest and over his far shoulder.

Ink stage, black ink and carmine red pencil on paper.
21.6 cm x 27.9 cm (8.50 in. x 11.00 in.)
The classic attraction has many vignettes and characters that are well-known even to casual Disney fans who have yet to make their first visits to a Disney Park. The trio of hitchhiking ghosts may be the most well-known. I choose for this anniversary tribute something a bit less well-known and then for simplicity to only depict half of the couple. To make her appear more ghostly, I drew her lower body transition to wispy, smoky trials. This is a departure from the look of the Mansion’s ghosts both from the audio-animatronic versions of the attraction and from the Marc Davis concepts.

Sunday, August 4, 2019

Next WSIDT update

Due to conflicting schedules, the next session of What Shall I Draw Today? will be moved up:

August 17, 2019

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

What I Drew Sunday, July 28th - Top 3

Quickly, what are the top 3 liked sketches that I drew for last Sunday’s “What Shall I Draw Today?
A lot of powerful women.

#1 - Xena: suggestion by @alfredofrangella.

I like to kick off “What Shall I Draw Today?” with one of the single character suggestions. Frankly, of the nine singles character suggestions, “Xena” was the simplest one, only requiring that I find a good piece of visual reference, and that suited me just fine for the first piece.

I watched the series, Xena: Warrior Princess (1995-2001) starring Lucy Lawless when it had originally been syndicated. I remember the Sam Raimi co-created series to be entertaining and engaging. So much so, that in 2017 to brace myself should the Gal Gadot lead movie disappoint, I had thought, “Well, you had Xena.” 

The character had several costume variations since having been introduced in Hercules: The Legendary Journeys (1995-1999) through its own final season, but I wanted to draw what could be considered the most iconic, “standard” costume. 

#2 - “The Squad”: suggestion combo by @alexandrabowmanart & @ourladylourdes.

One suggestion requested a “caricaturable political figure” further suggesting President Trump. A second suggestion requested “any of the female members of Congress recently called out to go back to their country.” The combining of suggestions was for plain expediency, since a majority of the suggestions involved multiple characters, and taking those one would surely minimize the number of sketches I could complete in the allotted eight-hours.

I felt that depicting the four Congress women, sometimes referred to by the nickname “The Squad,” was more deserved than selecting a representative individual. Featured from left to right are Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib and Ayanna Pressley. 

I attempted a caricature style inspired by the work of Al Hirschfeld. The results aren’t 100% Hirschfeld. I’d probably need another two passes to better hit that high mark. In the way that Hirschfeld hides his daughter’s name, “Nina” in his drawings, I inserted these four words, “faith,” “freedom,” “representation” and “opportunity.” They’re not exactly the “Four Freedoms” described by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, but along the same thoughts. I also drew five-pointed stars on all four as another shared, patriotic motif.

#3 - Sailor Moon Meets Captain Marvel: suggestion by @japchrissy.

With “meet-up” suggestions, there is an inherent expectancy to illustrate a clash of personalities.  Such story telling is difficult when I’m not familiar with either of the listed characters. I was/am opening title (i.e. surface) familiar with Sailor Moon. My impression of Captain Marvel in the 2019 movie and the MCU is a flat bravado.

Based on that little information, a bubbly Sailor Moon excitedly greets famed galactic hero, Captain Marvel, who while surprised, still chooses, for unknown reasons, not to instantly blast the young woman.

Here are the remaining 4 of the 7 sketches:

Severus Snape

Elizabeth & Mr. Darcy in a Haunted Mansion stretching portrait

King Louie

Bob’s Burgers in the style of Eric Goldberg.

All original art to be available for sale at my next convention - CTN Expo in November.

The next WSIDT is re-scheduled for Sunday, August 18.

More drawings posted on my Instagram feed @monstergram7.

All: Black ink and color pencil:
“Xena” on paper. 12.70 cm x 17.78 cm (5.00 in. x 7.00 in.).
“The Squad” on Bristol Board.  17.78 cm x 12.70 cm (7.00 in. x 5.00 in.).
“Sailor Moon & Capt. Marvel” on Bristol Board. 8.89 cm x 6.35 cm (3.50 in. x 2.50 in.).