Tuesday, September 29, 2020

What I Drew Sunday, September 27th - Top 3

In the last-of-the-year session of “What Shall I Draw Today?” I offered a list of 21 not-yet-drawn suggestions previous pitched this year. Last year, I branded this kind of thing as a “Rewind Day.”  This year I didn’t brand it as such, allowing for folks to also make new suggestions. On the day, I pulled from the poll starting with the suggestion receiving the most votes and trying to work in order down the list.

Here are the top 3 liked pieces from Sunday:

#1 - Christopher Robin-Hood: original suggestion by @ch_arles7762
The fully worded suggestion was as follows, “Christopher Robin-hood. Pooh and the gang posing as the characters from the cartoon Robin Hood.” This was the Number 1 voted of 21. The mashed name itself is fun enough to attract the curious.

As I do with mashed up groups, I wrote a column of name of the Hundred Acre Wood characters and a column for the Sherwood Forest characters. Then I try to match them up. Most everyone who is familiar with the Robin Hood tales knows that he led and band of “merry men.” The animated Disney film was a bit short on named merry men however: 3- Little John, Friar Tuck, Alan A-Dale. In contrast Christopher Robin has a tight group of 7 friends in the 100AW named in the Disney song about Winnie the Pooh, and then don”t forget about Tigger. Sorry, Kanga gets left out, as does Owl. I cast Roo as young Skippy- not a merry-man but it works. I cast Rabbit as Prince John, which is possible because they’re all playing. Thankfully, the antagonist gives the others something against which to react. And then Piglet is a poor Sheriff and a porter Sir Hiss. So he is cast as Will Scarlet, a named merry man in many adaptations including the Errol Flynn classic movie.

No need to get overly complicated with perspective and depth, when working with the Pooh characters. Trees with branches to sit upon provide great opportunities to place characters off of the ground. Even Rabbit gets to stand on a rock.

In another world, perhaps Tigger would have been cast as Prince John and then he would use his own tail as a puppet version of Sir Hiss.

#2 - Jasmine, Belle, Ariel and Elsa as Doctors and Nurses: original suggestion by @lindsey_baker28

This suggestion was number 5 in vote counts. You never really know what people are going to react to most strongly. I think in this case, the difference between the suggestion and the final drawing is an ethereal something that you didn’t know you wanted until you see it.

The suggester would later comment that these five are her sister’s favorites, and the suggestion was made on her sister’s behalf who is an x-ray technician.

The composition is very stock photo like. I mused about giving them a patients to attend to. I was leaning towards Aladdin, creating a humorous scene suggesting that the former street rat just took “one jump” too many. Ah, but I thought that was the wrong tone. Likewise, I opted not to have Ariel fiddling with her stethoscope, a thing to her that might be an entire mystery.

I made Belle a doctor, believing that she’d have the better grades. The other three ladies are nurses. Jasmine and Elsa nearly gets to keep their assigned colors. With her trademark hair color and large mass of hair swooping over her forehead, Ariel is always a quick read, no matter her outfit or fish tail.

#3 - Sorcerer Mickey as a Jedi: suggestion by @akoymdf

This suggestion was number 2 in vote counts.

This mashup reads like a good fit. On the one hand, you have good-gut Mickey Mouse wearing a magician’s robes and sometimes a magician’s hat. On the other hand, you have the Jedi, the fabled space magicians of Star Wars.

Never underestimate my eagerness to take an idea and make it more complicated, especially if it involves Disney characters. Enter, then, Peg Leg Pete as a Sith Lord. You can tell it’s him be the peg leg. The layout is a common showdown composition with the antagonist in the foreground with his back to the audience. In perspective, the hero is towered over by the villain, and his expression is clearly read as bravery and determination.

I decided to draw of these on the larger format of 5 in. x 7 in. The multiple character suggestions always work better given the room. But as this was a day of second chances, I wanted to give each drawing the best chance to shine.

Here are the rest of the 5 drawn on Sunday:

The Black Widows! Natasha, Yelena, and Melina
Original suggestion by @chujo9

Young Minerva McGonagall with her witch hat
Original suggestion by @akoymdf

All of these and more original piece of art will be for sale at my next comic convention showing, which, I guess, will be in 2021.

The next WSIDT session is happening in January 2021, as I take a break to turn my attentions to the end of the year holiday events. I still may pull from the voted upon list for inspiration for a fun drawing.

Thank you to everyone who pitched their fun drawing suggestions. Thank you for following my blog and/or Instagram (@Monstergram7) and/or Monster Enterprises Facebook page. Thank you for liking. 

All: Black ink and color pencil on Bristol Board.

“Christopher Robin-Hood” and “Medical Princesses” 17.78 cm  x 12.70 cm(7.00 in. x 5.00 in)
“Mickey Jedi” 12.70 cm x 17.78 cm (5.00 in. x 7.00 in.)

Friday, September 25, 2020

Eyes 'n Ears

Continuing my Behind-The-Sketch coverage of the map the I designed and draw for the D23 2020 Gold Member gift- D23 Fantastic Worlds package. This time I have for you a complete accounting of the 23 Mickeys that I hid on the map.

These clipping were composed for Instagram, but I think that they work as helpful keys to each of the 23 “hidden Mickeys.” Each square is a detail shot, clearly, to my eyes, showing the Hidden Mickey with sufficient contextual surroundings and framed to indicate the map coordinates where each may be found.

For example, in this first square, within or mostly-within the box that is the map coordinates of B-16 you will find something designed to resemble Mickey Mouse. It could be his head in part or full, or a simple 3-cicle representation of his familiar head silhouette.

This last hidden Mickey is either the most obvious or the most hidden Mickey of them all. For those of you who still want the thrill of finding it yourselves, but require a hint, then here’s the hint: turn the map up-side-down.

A funny thing happened while I was drawing this map and hiding Mickeys- I may have drawn some accidental Mickeys too. Have I been working for Disney too long? These two were spotted by my brother’s coworkers whom I assume spent part of their lunch break combing through the map.

And now here are all 23 intentional HM’s pulled together in a high-contrast chart (click on the image to maximize):

That’s not all of the things that I hid in this map, but, I’ll just have to reveal those at a later time. Or you can comment with your theories about what you think you have spotted (by map coordinates, please) and I will confirm if I can.

Happy mapping.

– Bryan Mon.

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Questing and Answers

About a year ago in 2019 I was putting the finishing touches and revisions on a map that I designed and drew to be but one component of the D23 2020 Gold Member gift, a.k.a. the D23 Fantastic Worlds package. Here, I answer some questions about the map.

#1 - A List

“Did they give you a list of all the movies or character to include or how did that work deciding all that?” – @54hiroshi on IG
A: Yes, the D23 group had an original speculative list that included Disney, Pixar, Star Wars and Marvel locations. By the time I was given the green light to start, the working list was trimmed to only locations from Disney and Pixar films, T.V. And parks with 17 locations that they “loved to have” and additional 62 any of which if they fit. A separate list of 16 Easter eggs had vehicles to add “if they fit.” Working collaboratively with them, while also receiving feedback from Disney-loving around me, the map grew to its final state with 162 locations, 47 vehicles and 55 characters that I added for more visual interest and added liveliness.

#4 - Placing Places

“How did you decide what places to put near each other? Was it just based on what places looked similar?” – @inked_and_painted on IG
A: Mostly, the things were put in similar temperate regions constrained within a fantastic continental mass, and not adhering to appearance or where they might exist on our Earth. Knowing that a lot of stories occur in old forests, those thing live close together in the upper middle. Curiously, a lot of stories occurred near water features, so the map has lots of rivers, lakes and shore lines. Of course, everything that’s urban based got fitted into the lower left portion. It decidedly is not a representation of the Earth as we know it.

#5 - Picking from Pics

“How did you decide what to put from each movie and/or show?” – @harishas.arton IG
A: Primarily, this was to be a map of recognizable places from Disney and Pixar properties. Such things include the spectrum from houses and shops to cities to kingdoms to countries to mountains. Each also had to have been visualized previously, so while I was stylizing things, I wasn’t making things up from nothing. Some “too real” things included Notre Dame cathedral, the Eiffel Tower. As fans, we dove deep into Disney and Pixar history.

#6 - Pocahontas, Hunchback, Atlantis and Tarzan

“Are anything from Pocahontas, Hunchback, Atlantis and Tarzan included on the map?” – on IG
A: In order: yes, no, yes, and yes, although they’re not tagged things. Happy hunting.

#7 - Challenge To the Fans

“Were there any specific places or items on the map you thought of that even hardcore fans wouldn’t recognize?” – @hikariemiru on IG

A: I myself had to look up what Astragard and what Knocknasheega were (hint: the first is at the proper side of the world and isn’t Thor’s home realm and the second has to do with leprechauns). I was happy to find space for Mathmagicland. I think everything is gettable, at least by some Disney fan somewhere. If you think you’ve found something special or hidden, let me know to confirm.

#8 - Not Making the Cut

“Which ones didn't make the cut?” – @grimmcookies on IG

A: I could almost make a second map from things not included on this map. If a property was well represented, we limited items, so the Snuggly Duckling didn’t make it. Leaning into the “Fantastic” part of the title, a lot of real things got left out like Ayers Rock/Uluru and the Palace of Westminster clock tower. Many, many of the Disney channel kid-coms and their suburban settings and high schools got passed over with the map already hosting a middle school, a high school and a college. But a few things actually got erased and drawn over: Herbie, the Cadillac Range and a briar patch. Cape Suzette was moved to a place where I could add the protective white wall rock enclosure displacing Rapunzel’s kingdom in the process to be located elsewhere on the map.

#9 - Planning Time

“How long did it take you to plan the map design?” – Kim Henry on FB
A: From mid July to mid October in 2019, I spent 3 months on the map, from my first conceptual sketch, through drawing it in pencil and ink on paper, through digital color to laying in final text and graphics. There were a few rounds of revisions in there too. The drawing and coloring parts were all being done concurrently, so I don’t really know how many Mon-hours (pun!) were devoted to just drawing it.

More about the D23 2020 Fantastic Worlds Map:
Watch some unboxing videos featuring the D23 2020 Golf Member gift-

My basic description in conjunction with the January announcement of the 2020 gift-

More answers to come if more questions are tossed to me. 
– Bryan Mon.

Monday, September 21, 2020

What Shall I Draw September 27th?

This Sunday, September 27th, I will be running the last-of-the year 8-hour session of what I call What Shall I Draw Today? (WSIDT). This is time that I dedicate to drawing other people’s suggestions.

What Shall I Draw Today?  

Sunday, September 27th, 2020

Eastern Daylight Time :  12pm noon - 8 pm
Pacific Daylight Time:  9am - 5pm 

Not that you need help, but I’ll share with you this list of 21 suggestions taken from the many pitched this year that I never found the time to tackle. You may pick/vote from these 21 or make your own suggestion.

Pitch your suggestions at any of the following social media spots where you find the above prompting image from now until drawing day, Sunday:

Blog: (right here in the comments)

Instagram:  @monstergram7

Facebook:  /Monster Enterprises page

Check out the WSIDT tab above for FAQs.

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Map in the Box

Around this time last year (September 2019), I was putting the finishing touches on the D23 Fantastic Worlds Map. The map was but one of seven component gifts included in the 2020 D23 Gold Member gift, a.k.a. the D23 Fantastic Worlds Adventure Kit. The gift package is delivered to those who sign up for or renew their Gold Memberships to D23, the official Disney fan club. Every year D23 puts together a different package of member exclusives.

In January of this year, D23 announced the 2020 gold Member gift in the form of an “unboxing” video accompanying a complete description on the D23 site.

Unboxing a MUST-HAVE Disney Gift—the D23 Fantastic Worlds Adventure Kit!
DisneyD23  -  Jan. 7, 2020  -  over 32k views

D23 Gold Membership
$99.99/year + shipping/handling and applicable taxes
D23 Gold Family Membership
$129.99/year + shipping/handling and applicable taxes
For more information about D23 and joining, go to the site

Throughout the year, as membership gift boxes were distributed, the occasional new unboxing video have popped up on YouTube. At the time of this writing, I’ve come across 27.

In all, the fan(s) approach the kit in an emotional state somewhere between pleased and ecstatic. Regarding the map, if they had not already expected the kit, most made the assumption that the map is a amalgam of Disney Parks attractions. Many have said that they would want to frame the 24-inch x 36-inch map. In fact, it is an fantastic map collecting prominent features, lands, kingdoms and in general places from the Parks (yes), and the Disney and Pixar films (both animated and live action) and television. It’s quite an impossible place, but fun to explore just the same.

As a precursor to going into more details about the map, I present 27…
collected here in chronological order as posted and with the associated links queued to the parts featuring the map.

 #1- D23 디즈니 팬클럽 소개 + 2020 골드멤버 기프트 언박싱 D23 2020 Gold membership gift Unboxing

덕질하는 사람  -  Feb. 7, 2020  -  over 300 views

Map at  8:10


#2- D23 SENT ME the BEST GOLD MEMBER GIFT EVER! Exclusive Pins, Disney Parks Map, & MORE! 2020

Disney cupcake  -  Feb. 25, 2020  -  over 2k views

“I kind of wanna frame this.”  -  Map at 1:44

#3- Unboxing D23 Fantastic Worlds 2020 Gold Member Gift

Critical Flick  -  Feb 26, 2020  -  over 200 views

“Everything about it just encapsulates the fantastic worlds of Disney.”  -  Map at 2:44

#4- D23 Gold Member Unboxing!

Jess Lambert  -  Mar. 25, 2020  -  over 50 views

“Stunning. Ridiculously.”  -  Map at 1:58


#5- D23 Gold Member Yearly Gift Unboxing

Disney with Kids  -  Apr. 4, 2020  -  over 50 views

“This is so big. It’s like a framer for sure. So cool.”  -  Map at 1:28


#6- D23 Fantastic Worlds 2020 Member Gift Unboxing

laughingplace  -  Apr. 19, 2020  -  over 500 views

“You can kind of see it looks almost like the old, retro style Disneyland souvenir maps.”  -  Map at 0:33


#7- D23 Fantastic Worlds 2020 UNBOXING & REVIEW

Almost Midas Productions  -  Apr. 19, 2020  -  over 15 views

“This is a map of a lot of the Disney worlds.”  -  Map at 2:32



Bel Grieger  -  Apr. 21, 2020  -  over 40 views

“So, basically what this map is, is it’s just like a collaboration map of like all of Disney’s properties and fun stuff like that.”  -  Map at 0:56

#9- D23 Gold Membership Gift Set Review 2020 | What's in the box? | Walt Disney Fan Club!

Mr David & Mr Ian  -  Apr. 23, 2020  -  over 1300 views

“I can’t even fit it in the frame.”  -  Map at 8:24

#10- Check out WHATS INSIDE! | Unboxing the D23 2020 Gold Member Gift

Disneyfornia  -  Apr. 25, 2020  -  over 70 views

“Dude, take a look at this.”  -  Map at 1:08


#11- D23 Membership Gift Unboxing | Fantastic Worlds Kit 2020

The Disney Ginger  -  Apr. 27, 2020  -  over 180 views

“This giant map that is definitely framable.”  -  Map at 2:53


 #12- 2020 Disney D23 Gold Membership Renewal Gift - What's Inside?

Bin and Jon’s Vlog  -  Apr. 28, 2020  -  over 1100 views

“This is the coolest thing in the whole world.”  -  Map at 2:42


#13- Unboxing - Our First D23 Gold Membership arrives in the UK - Lockdown delivery

Magic Everywhere  -  Apr. 28, 2020  -  over 20 views

“Oh, wow. This is like a world of Disney, like an adventurer’s map of Disney.”  -  Map at 3:52



OverTheMoony  -  May 11, 2020  -  over 3900 views

“They really, really were able to fit so much stuff into this map.”  Map at 6:09


 #15- D23 membership unboxing

FantaSEA Family  -  May 25, 2020  -  over 25 views

“Look at how huge this is compared to me!”  -  Map at 1:04


#16- Disneyland Opening July 17 2020 & D23 Product Review

RaMi Positive Space  -  Jun 10, 2020  -  over 100 views

“This is just an amazing map. I love it. It’s so colorful.”  -  Map at 1:09


#17- SHOPDISNEY and D23 2020 Gift/Magazine Unboxing!

The Entertainment Connection  -  Jun. 11, 2020  -  over 80 views

“It’s just like a little map of all these movie destinations.”  -  Map at 2:50


#18- What's Inside the Box?!? | Renewed D23 Membership | Summer 2020 Magazine and More!!!

What It Do Twinsies  -  Jun. 19, 2020  -  over 60 views

“It’s everything Disney.”  Map at 1:36



Dr. JazzMan1  -  Jun. 26, 2020  -  over 35 views

“That is so awesome. It’s really epic.”  Map at 6:57


#20- D23 Gold Unboxing Video 2020 | Disney Fan Club

FIVE FIRES  -  Jul. 5, 2020  -  over 1600 views

“That is cool!”  -  Map at 5:25


#21- What is D23 & Is It Worth the Membership Price?

MacKenzie Taylor  -  Jul. 6, 2020  -  over 70 views

“They have just some really cool things on it.”  -  Map at 4:27


#22- D23 Club, Yearly Box Unboxing - July 2020

Disney Dynamicks  -  Jul. 29, 2020  -  over 950 views

“There’s references to everything on here.”  Map at 13:04


#23- D23 Gold Membership Renewal Gift | Full Review 2020

Marty’s Corners  -  Aug. 7, 2020  -  over 80 views

“It is so detailed. You could probably look at this thing for.. for an hour.”  -  Map at 1:46


#24-  UNBOXING MY D23 MEMBERSHIP | 2020 Fantastic Worlds Gold D23 Membership

Jolly Holiday with Mary  -  Aug. 7, 2020  -  over 80 views

“It’s like a huge map of fantastic worlds.”  -  Map at 2:58

#25- D23 Fantastic Worlds Gold Member Gift 2020 Unboxing

Aussie Disney Girl  -  Aug. 18, 2020  -  over 250 views

“As you can see this is massive.”  -  0:38


#26- D23 Gold Membership Unboxing!

Jen Lefforge  -  Aug. 31, 2020  -  over 7k views

“This is amazing. Like, I am stunned and awed.”  -  Map at 5:08

#27- D23 Gold Membership Gift 2020 | Learn About the Benefits of Membership

TheDuphilyCrew  -  Sep. 4, 2020  -  over 50 views

“I want to frame this.”  Map at 9:36


There is a sameness to all of these videos, to be fair, since they all cover (un-cover?) the same packages. To go through a few in chronological order, with the pandemic hitting the world, the successive tones of the presenters transmute from “It’s my birthday!” to “What a treat!” to “What a welcomed bit of joy.”

The videos also demonstrate, if you had not considered it before, how Disney fandom is an international fellowship that includes all types of folks.

For a little bit of Behind-The-Sketch stories, you can check out my post from back in January and peek at some rough drawings.

The Mappiest World in the Place

I tip my hat to all the reviewers and the D23 Gold Members who likewise but silently have enjoyed their memberships, this year’s gift box and the map that I created for them.

Bryan Mon

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

What I Drew Sunday, August 30th - Top 3

 I drew a total of six pieces over the eight hours of last Sunday’s session of “What Shall I Draw Today?” Could it be that I’m slowing down in my old age?

Here are the top 3 liked pieces from Sunday:

#1 - The Weasley Twins with Chip and Dale: suggestion by @nikkistar5394

Suggestions involving mashups with Harry Potter characters come in fairly regularly. Here Ron Weasley’s elder brothers Fred and George are paired with the chipmunk duo Chip and Dale. 

Always looking for a story to underpin the visuals, I pose the question, “what would happen if the chipmunks got their hands on a magic wand?” Would either posses the talent for anything to happen? I’m sure that the Weasley twin doubt that they do- or do they?

#2 - Wichita to be hangin' out with Scoob and Dynomutt: suggestion by anonymous

Scoob! (2020) was an enjoyable entry in a five decades old franchise. The Hanna-Barbera super team of Blue Falcon, Dynomutt and Dee Dee are fun additions which could have pulled focus away from the series stars, but are merged well with the story trajectory.

So what if these two talk-dog stars met with Wichita, the canine co-star of my own comic book Unstoppable Tuff-Girl? (UTG) I guess the new pack would hang out and play.

For kicks, Silky the squirrel from a Wichita adventure in issue No. 3 of UTG is added.

1x hidden seahorse.

#3 - Elena of Avalor coronation: suggestion by


Last week, August 23, Elena of Avalor aired on Disney Junior, its series finale in which the title character Princess Elena, finally become s queen. In the one image that I found, Elena has a blue dress with white opera gloves. That’s all I know and saw, which severely limits what I could draw with any confidence. I decidedly  kept it to a portrait of the new queen and more of a ball room full of dignitaries.

Here are the rest of the 6 drawn on Sunday:

Peabody and Sherman running into Doc and Marty
Suggestion by @akoymdf

Goku and Luffy eating food
Suggestion by @theweeabootrachmaster136

Suggestion by @comicgeek97

All of these and more original piece of art will be for sale at my next comic convention showing, some time in 2021.

The next and last for the year WSIDT session is scheduled for Sunday, September, 27th.

Thank you to everyone who pitched their fun drawing suggestions. Thank you for following my blog and/or Instagram (@Monstergram7) and/or the Monster Enterprises Facebook page. Thank you for liking.

All: Black ink and color pencil.

“Weasley Twins & Chi n’ Dale” and “Wichita, Dynomutt and Scooby-Doo” on Bristol Board. 12.70 cm x 17.78 cm (5.00 in. x 7.00 in.)
“Elena“  on Bristol Board. 6.35 cm x 8.89 cm  (2.50 in. x 3.50 in.)