Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Disney/ Marvel Mash Ups

My portfolio of original art sketch cards had a few holes in the Disney Princess/ Marvel hero mash-ups I thought I’d fill.

Snow White/ Wasp

Tiana/ Rogue

Merida/ Black Widow

Anna/ White Queen
 And more.

Daisy Duck/ Scarlet Witch

Chip and Dale/ Thor & Loki

Other Disney/Marvel mash-ups:
Snow White/ Wasp - Cinderella/ Enchantress - Aurora/ Scarlet Witch - Eilonwy/ Invisible Woman

Ariel/ Namorita - Belle/ Marvel Girl - Jasmine/ Tigress - Pocahontas/ Dazzler

Mulan/ Lady Sif - Tiana/ Rogue - Giselle/ Blink - Tiger Lily/ Magik

Rapunzel/ Medusa - Merida/ Black Widow - Vanellope/ Shadocat - Elsa/ Storm - Anna/ Emma Frost

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