Saturday, November 1, 2014

Disney Princess/ Marvel Heroine Mash-Up, part 4

In this final installment of my sketch card mash-up series, I have the most challenged pairing. 

However, let me present the final 5 royals.

Rapunzel, kidnapped princess with magic hair that glows when she sings.
Medusa, queen of a race of super-humans with who can manipulate her long super-strong hair.
… because of shared long, long hair.

Merida, eldest child of a Scottish King, whose magically granted wish transforms her mother into a bear.
Black Widow, Russian super spy who allies herself with international espionage agency S.H.I.E.L.D., and the super-hero team The Avengers.
… because both are good at shooting things (red hair is a plus).

Vanellope von Schweetz, ostracized racing avatar in a video game who is revealed to be the land’s ruling princess.
Shadowcat, a young woman with the mutant ability to phase through objects and walls.
… because Vanellope, like Shadowcat, passed through walls when she “glitched.”

Elsa, crowned queen with the ability to create, control and manipulate ice.
Storm, former queen consort of Wakanda, with the mutant ability to control the weather.
 … because both can create snow storms.

Anna, sister to Elsa who, through an accident, is struck by Elsa’s ice powers.
Emma Frost, once known as the White Queen with numerous mutant abilities including shapeshifting into a solid diamond form.
… because Anna as a result of Elsa’s powers is transformed into super-strong ice, which is similar to Emma Frost’s ability yet lacking mobility.

btw, Vanellope was a last addition not included in the sketch cards I had at comic cons the year.

While most folks seemed amused by the mash-up game of figuring out the princess/ super-heroine connections, consistently at every con, at least some one person challenged me that Elsa should be paired with Emma Frost. I don’t argue that the idea is a very good mash-up. A natural combination really. Both are powerful, blonde queens (of sorts) who wear sexy, light-colored, monochromatic costumes. 

The problem is then, with whom to pair Anna? Suffice it to say, I’m not not clever enough to pass over Ms. Frost.

That all said over these four posting, I am very interested in hearing what you think.


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