Monday, August 22, 2016

What Shall I Draw on August 28th?

This coming Sunday, August 28th, I’ll conduct another “What Shall I Draw Today?” session of drawing suggestions. The virtual suggestion box has been emptied and from now until that Sunday, I am accepting suggestions through Facebook, Instagram and comments here below.

Please check out the WSIDT tab at the top for guidelines and FAQ’s.

This will be the second to the last WSIDT session for the year, so why not get creative?

Rapunzel & Flynn Rider
(Tangled) jumbo card

Jon Snow & Ghost
(Game of Thrones) collector card

Roxie Hart
(Chicago) collector card
collector cards:  Color pencil and black ink on Bristol Board. 6.35 cm x 8.89 cm (2.50 in. x 3.50 in.)

jumbo cards:  Color pencil and black ink on Bristol Board. 12.7 cm x 17.8 cm (5.00 in. x 7.00 in.)

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