Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Disney Princess/ Marvel Heroine Mash-Up, part 3

Four more. Let’s get right to them.

Mulan, loyal daughter who enters the army disguised as a man.
Lady Sif, Asgardian Warrior.
... because their both wield swords.

Tiana, hard working, young woman who gets turned into a frog.
Rogue, has the mutant ability to temporarily acquire the powers of other mutants.
... because both are transformed after a touch.

Giselle, fairy tale princess who accidentally crosses over into New York City.
Blink, a mutant from a possible future time line with the ability to teleportation portals.
... because both have teleported through portals to different places.

Princess Tiger Lily, daughter of the Neverland Chief who is capture by pirates.
Magik, sister of Colossus with the mutant teleportation powers who was kidnapped by Arcade to Limbo.
... because both were kidnapped by bad guys.

All of the individual princess and Marvel Heroine sketch cards were done after and since the comic convention during which I drew the first ten mash-ups. Tiger Lily/ Magik, however, was added late to the list, because, well, she’s easy to overlook since most princess lists don’t include Tiger Lily. Unfortunately, the connection isn’t the strongest mutuality.

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