Saturday, September 6, 2008

Who Said That?

I assembled this, what I'd describe either as a parlor game or personality test, and perhaps a mix of both. It's sixteen (16) statements that invite opinionated responses from the participant.

Gather a small group of people, each of whom fills out copies of the sheet. Then the host gathers the sheets and reads off each item, asking the group, "Who said that?"

Play becomes tricky whether or not you keep score, because any given member is going to be presented with the item to which she/he knows who said that - she/he did. To avoid the giveaway, "I said that," they had to tell misleading guesses.

I had put this together for our illustration group at Cartoon Network, so the topics cover cartoons, comics and television.

- - - - - - - - - -

1/ Name of a celebrity popular with everybody except by you:

2/ Pick one of the following:
- Circle
- Square
- Heart
- Diamond
- Doughnut
- Bean

3/ Hanna-Barbera character(s) most deserving of a second career:

4/ Favorite television series to run at least one (1) season in black and white:

5/ This televised commercial advertisement made me laugh:

6/ Pick one of the following:
- Prime
- Uno
- Alpha
- Standard
- Ichi
- A

7/ This televised commercial advertisement is stupid:

8/ Topping, condiment, seasoning or sauce I most heartily recommend:

9/ Rhymes with "A":

10/ Pick one of the following:
- Cellophane Tape
- White Glue
- Paper Clip
- Rubber Band
- Binder Clip
- Staple

11/ Character in a comic book I most relate to:

12/ Somebody please cancel this television series:

13/ Name of an artistic or creative person not in the visual arts who has inspired me:

14/ Pick one of the following:
- Club
- Gun
- Knife
- Noose
- Hemlocke
- Dynamite

15/ The most iconic, fictitious object I can think of:

16/ Television series, stage play of motion picture that would have been greatly improved with the addition of singing bears:

= = = = = = = = = =

My favorite is #14. Actually No's 2, 6, 10, and 14 are curious because the directives don't state by what criteria you are suppose to choose from the lists. Could it be your favorite, the most lyrical sounding or is it a matter of random choice? Part of the game is to find out why people said what they did.

#16 is my second favorite because it's so goofy. There's a part of me that wants to see singing bears in everything.

1/ Julia Roberts - 2/ Square - 3/ Yakky Doodle - 4/ I Love Lucy - 5/ TBS's The Lord of the Rings promotion set to "Secret Lovers" - 6/ Alpha - 7/ Hardee's/ Carl's Jr. featuring Paris Hilton - 8/ Whipped Cream - 9/ May - 10/ Binder Clip - 11/ Clark Kent - 12/ Lost - 13/ Duff "Ace of Cakes" Goldman - 14/ Kryptonite - 16/ A.I.: Artificial Intelligence

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