Thursday, September 11, 2008

TAGS June 17 & 18, 1993

6/17: Monster in black.
6/18: Wait, there's an ongoing ball-game?

When I was self publishing my "zine," Monotony, the strips were issued in pairs, just like on this blog. "Ah," I can hear, NOW you get it. This had allowed me to tell the story which forked into Monster's sub-conscious (6/17) and un-conscious Monster. This story-telling device would inspire newspaper strip idea yet to be realized.

"Squidge," isn't that a funny word?

In order of appearance (6/18): Murray (cheetah), Monster (monster), Nick (striped skunk, so practical), Edie (red squirrel, I like her plain spoken grasp of real world conditions), Polly (penguin), Barron (stuffed bear), Wednesdae (ermine, is that right? I should check my files), Checkov (dragon, so keeping the fun going). All in all, pretty much TAGS' core characters.

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