Thursday, September 11, 2008

Dive Bomb

Red Col-erase pencil and black ball-point pen ink on paper.
sketchbook drawings, 22.9 cm x 27.9cm (9in x 11in)

Cartoony Tuff-Girl in a possible pose for a cover image. If my faux Caniff (Terry and the Pirates) style starts to get stiff with the posing, I'll switch to a pseudo Chic Young (Blondie) style. It's usually a style that's more fun to draw.

On the bottom left a creature design >blech<, and a couple of thugs, Doug Davidson and Jack "Bug" Jefferson. They're pretty much my Rosencrans and Guildensterns (Hamlet, Wm. Shakespeare) of Tuff-Girl. Tuff-Girl's rogues gallery of adversaries will change per feature, but Doug and Bug will pop up as hired help.

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