Monday, September 1, 2008

TAGS June 7 & 8, 1993

6/7: Guy (dalmatian) tags Monster with the impromptu nickname "skids." The name wouldn't stick. Probably because there wouldn't be much more inter-play between the two. Polly (penguin) walks through. What’s that bump off of Monster shoulder in panel 2? Hmnn...

6/8: Hans (Fox, off-stage) at bat, Shirley (doe, off-stage) pitching, Nick (striped skunk, off-stage) runner, Monster (monster) third base. I wonder now if I kept reoccuring players consistent to their teams. You don't often see text crossing panel gutters in newspaper strips. I suppose there was a tradition to allow newspaper publishers the flexibility of stretching and compressing strips to accommodate their layouts.

Regarding the logo design, it is pretty much the shape and style of the Disneyland cast member name tags. For a long time, they were pretty plain: white fronts and red pin backs. When the letters were engraved, the red would be revealed.

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