Saturday, September 27, 2008

Stitch in Time

I got distracted with an attempt to re-dress a Barbie doll in a Tuff-Girl costume.

I only got as far as what you set here - fishnet stockings.

I canibalized material from old shirts and mesh from a soft-sided lunch box. The patterns were home-made, extrapolated from swatches of material wrapped around my model's legs for prototypes. The mesh material wasn't so much stitched together as tied and glued together.

The legs of the finished product are a bit uneven and a bit undersized, because the prototype was stretchy and the mesh not so much. This makes me suspect that once they're pulled on to the model (IF they can be pulled on), I should plan to leave them be, and hope that the boots fit around the stocking legs.

I had hoped that she would be in full costume to ride atop my radio-controlled car for the race (more on the race in a separate article). But alas, three nights for me who's unexperienced with pattern making and and novice with sewing was too little time.

Ultimately, I plan to develop my patterns and include them as supplemental material in my comic book, Unstoppable Tuff-Girl. I could also have a 12" Tuff-Girl perched at my booth/table as I make my comic convention rounds.

First things are first - I need to draw a couple of stories.

And that's my cue...

"Barbie" copyright Mattel.

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