Sunday, January 22, 2017

The Hundred Acre Woods’ Mightiest Heroes

This mash-up of Winnie the Pooh characters and Marvel’s Avengers heroes was one of the top nine liked posts in 2016 on my Instagram feed, @monstergram7. On top of that, it was the #1 liked drawing from my June 26 session of “What Shall I Draw Today?” I chose to use the Avengers line-up from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Let me break down the shoot-from-the-hip top-of-my-head mash-up combinations:

Captain A-bear-ica (Winnie the Pooh / Captain America) – The primary character of Christopher Robin’s friends matched up with the assumed leader of the Avengers is a natural fit.

Iron-Tigger (Tigger / Iron Man) – The bouncy tiger with double-“guhs” who’s slightly more popular than Pooh Bear matched with the tech-armored wise acre who’s slightly more popular than Cap.

Eethor (Eeyore /  Thor) – The gloomy donkey with an rain cloud above his head matched with the good-time legendary Asgardian God of Thunder. Less a good match, and more the leftovers after some of the following better matches.

The Incrabbitle Hulk (Rabbit /  Hulk) – The irascible rabbit matched with the anger triggered rage monster. Yes, Rabbit would hulk-out more than the others.

Chris Fury (Christopher Robin / Nick Fury) – The boy who returns to the Hundred Acre Woods to  help his friends and have adventures matched with the S.H.I.E.L.D. agent who helped form the Avengers.

Kanga-Noir (Kanga / Black Widow) – The singular female denizen of the Hundred Acre Woods match with the first female Avengers. 

Owleye (Owl / Hawkeye) – The friendly know-it-all bird matched with the down-to-earth archer with a bird in his code name, and arguably neither part of their respective core groups.

Falc-let (Piglet / Falcon) – The timid best friend of Pooh Bear matched with the flight enhanced best friend of Captain America (on the Avengers). As much a left-overs match up as Eeyore & Thor with an as awkward mash-up code name.

Under-Roo (Roo / Spider-Man) – The high-energy young son of Kanga matched with the young hero-in-training web-slinger. The mash-up code name just works, provided that you saw Captain America: Civil War, enough to push past the fact that Spidey isn’t a member of the Avengers.

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