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TAGS - Aug. 26 & 27, 1994

08/26: End. Over. End.

08/27: Tableauxs and Cheers.

August 26: There are sixteen characters in this one strip!

The strip also introduces the idea that the hand cars tow some sort of converted carriage that accommodates several passengers. 

This suggests that the hand car races are a relay event. If in the tradition of Disneyland’s Davy Crockett Explorer Canoes this also a theme park attraction by day, then only two persons are driving multiple cars carrying the weight of 6-12 persons – and up and down hills at that! Come to think of it, I don’t doubt that frequently the canoes are likewise only paddled by their two Cast-Members. 

Otherwise, this is a bridge installment to get out of the races and into Stacy’s pancake diner.

Note: this is an even mix of the two teams, but only Al and Monster are wearing white “Defiant” team tee-shirts, while the others are wearing black “Pump You Up” tees carrying over an idea from 08/24.

Roll call (L-R): Rudy (pig, 8th appearance), Al (beagle, 7), Edie (squirrel, 9), Murray (cheetah, 11), Rodney (lion, 5), Bingo (snake, 6), Nick (skunk, 16), Barron (stuffed bear, 16), Checkov (dragon, 10), Connie (cardinal, 4), Jill (reindeer, 5), Michelle (weasel, 5), Heidi (gopher, 9), Monster (monster), Polly (penguin, 24), Carolyn (raccoon, 7).

August 27: Basically, morning races aren’t for every one. 

Yes, in panel two, amongst the “Cheers” are scribbled “mumble”s.

Yes, in panel three, Al is holding a toasted bread slice.

Roll call: Rodney (6), Al (8), Heidi (silhouette, 10), Rudy (silhouette, 9), Monster (silhouette), Michelle (silhouette, 6).

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