Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Halloween Tricks

This week’s post features a Halloween themed drawing.

Focusing on costumes, I was inspired by the classic Mickey Mouse Club and particularly with its Circus Day. The Mouseketeers routinely performed in costumes. For western skits, they may have had galloped around with what I’ll call pony-dolls that had stuffed legs hanging off both sides for the illusion of them being the rider’s legs. You can find images of this from Disneyland’s opening day with the Mouseketeers in their western wear. So here, an elephant-doll, sans stuffed rider’s legs, is the same idea.

In the end, it doesn’t look like “Halloween.” If only Halloween had landed on a Thursday this year, then the thematic link would have been stronger, since “Circus Day” on the MMC was traditionally on a Thursday.

[digital color@tumblr]

“Here Comes the Circus” from the Mickey Mouse Club:

Mouseketeers on Disneyland’s opening day July 17, 1955:

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