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TAGS June 01 & 02, 1994

 Previously in TAGS [May 30 & 31, 1994]

 06/01: Simile Emily

06/02: Mirror Marie.

June 01: Nick (skunk) is piecing together some facts: a) Emily (tiger, 4th appearance) has a twin sister, Marie; b) the girl that Nick saw back in strip (05/30) whom he thought was Emily ignoring him could in fact have been Marie - proof pending.

June 02: Marie (2nd appearance) can’t quite match the familiarity radiated by Nick (15). Not that she should, since she really doesn’t know him. And all settles back to status quo.

 I feel that there needs to be a fifth panel added between #2 and 3, just for an extended pause.

This series came about because Ron caught me erroneously identifying the tiger in the “Ski Trip” poster as “Marie” (Jan. 01, 1994), when previously I must have identified the tiger as “Emily” (not in the strip, but probably either in my newsletter, Monotony or the first collection of TAGS). I erred because, for the most part, I was only keeping track of characters by memory.

I took the opportunity to introduce Marie as Emily’s twin sister. Which by chronological canon still doesn’t make sense because if both Nick and Marie were on the same ski trip in, say, January, their first meeting could not be three months later. Well, there were over 30 TAGS characters at that ski trip. They probably just hung out in separate groups, and Nick thought that was Emily any ways.

The series also draws on an actual occurrence when I mistakenly greeted a girl as her sister with whom I worked at Disneyland, pretty much just strip (06/02). The awkward part was the 50 or so feet we both walked in the same direction after clarifying that we did not actually know one another.

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