Thursday, February 3, 2011

TAGS, January 01, 1994

“Ski Trip”
Digital color over clean scan of ink on paper.

I created this piece of art for one of the covers of “monotony.” I’m very certain that I colored it with water colors and of which a black and white copy was reproduced for that cover. As of this writing, I could not find that original water color. Here in its stead is my digital color pass of it.  Being digital, I could then make the accompanying legend is quick order.

Guy’s “87” jersey refers to the first year I worked a summer at Disneyland.  The paper lunch sack supposedly contained charcoal briquets for the snow-critters, which is an odd and otherwise unexplained detail to include.

At one point I was very concerned about which characters would wear boots. Biologically, I don’t think I got all of that detail correct. Also, I now wonder if  Bingo and Bill would really enjoy the winter fun?


  1. Ah.... what memories..... ^v^ ... and now in Coloris Digitalis! Thanks for the nostalgic journey, meester monstah!

  2. I still have more to post. And more of the Sunday editions to color and post. Keep coming back, Thanks!