Friday, May 4, 2012

Tinks for Two

WonderCon 2012 - I didn't break away from my table much at the convention. One seemingly long stint on the first day was spent attempting to find the freebies table on which to plunk down a stack of printed post cards. I was not successful that day, but found it and the indirect process for getting my cards approved for display on the last day, Sunday.

On Sunday, I also got half way through the small press and artist alley areas, some times picking books up in trade for Unstoppable Tuff-Girl, No.1, some times out right buying books, but mostly trying to at least see it all in 15 minutes.

On Saturday, I made it a point to meet Margaret Kerry, the life model for Tinker Bell in Walt Disney’s Peter Pan. In the program, she was listed no more prominently than the other celebrities in the autograph area, but something popped a half second after “Peter Pan” and “Tinker Bell”alighted on my brain. As much Disney history as I know, I admit that I didn’t know her name nor recognized her face. But I thought that I must meet her and procure her autograph.

Then my cerebral clockworks came up with this: I was going to improve that plan by getting her to autograph a drawing of Tinker Bell I would do at the Con, and top that by giving to Ms. Kerry another drawing of Tinker Bell as a gift the I would also have to draw while at the Con. Of the two Tinker Bells drawn, I gave Ms. Kerry the pouty Tink, because it’s more on model, and additionally not the sunny pixie currently prevalent on licensed goods - so, I thought, that makes it a little more special.

Ms. Kerry was bright and delightful, and more than pleased to tell stories to a gathered group. She accepted my gift with gracious amusement. I suspect such things don’t happen often in a convention setting.

Thank you for the memory. Margaret.

Tinker Bell: The Story Behind the Pixie Dust, DVD available at Themeparkology:
Part of their Character series, the DVD follows the history of the sprite from J. M. Barries’s story of Peter and Wendy, and includes a special interview with Margaret Kerry.


Margaret Kerry’s web site:

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