Tuesday, January 10, 2012

TAGS May 30 & 31, 1994

05/30: Passing ’gers. 

05/31: Ignorance and bliss. 

May 30: Here, Nick (skunk) gets slighted when as friendly greeting fails elicit a similar response. Wars have been started for less.

I think the reduction of Nick in frame from panel 2 through 4 works rather well, and the lack of establishing backgrounds* communicates a small amount of feeling of isolation, especially in the last panel. As I now analyze the strip, having the girl walk of to the left adds to the resultant feeling, with Nick being his farthest from her in the last panel, yet still looking in her direction. This wouldn’t be achieved if in the first panel Nick were walking to the left and she to the right. I’m quite sure that I didn’t plan this, nor I doubt that my storytelling layout skills were sharp enough to intuit it so. Lucky.

* Near the clock house, where folks clock in and out and workers of different shifts may pass. Nick has clocked out.

May 31: Break room. Supposedly on the next day form the happenings of the prior strip, Nick (13th appearance) crosses paths with Emily (tiger, 3).

Yeah, it’s quite unreasonable for Nick to carrying such a grudge for such a small occurrence, but comedy isn’t rooted in the actions of reasonable folks.

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