Monday, January 30, 2012

Vector Goes the Spoils

There are several artist who take advantage of vector art’s sharp edge, flat color, geometry favoring basic rendering technique to echo a sort of razor-cut paper or screen print look. With this piece, that was my intention, and as such, it’s not all that successful, because, it turns out, I favor describing form and depth over graphic shapes and silhouettes.

MegaCon 2012 notice.
Vector character art
composed in Photoshop.

I did too ink the art by hand on the Bristol board on which I drew the ruff in red pencil, which more or less served me as my tight drawing (see previous posting), but the intended goal was to finish it in this graphic style.

Catch me at the Monster Enterprises booth, Indy Press Both #3.


  1. Don't sell yourself short on this one!
    It looks gorgeous!

  2. Thanks.

    In the end, I was (am) pleased with the piece, but it's not much like (for example) Shag's stuff(

    I have a tendency, in my comments, to attempt to balance the basic subtext of a blog (or social media in general I guess), which is, “Look at this. This is worth your while to put your peepers on!”