Monday, November 28, 2011

Tom Shutt

Going Away Card, 2011.
Light blue pencil and black roller-ball ink on paper 
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Tom worked as a designer for the off-channel print group for at least seven years (calculated merely based upon the earliest caricature I have of him).

2005, birthday
In the style of Charles Schulz’s ”Peanuts” 
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Just as most all of the designers, he had worked on a good number of DVD packaging suites and posters. Beyond that, it seems that he applied himself to several environmental design projects including a few re-designs of the lobbies of the Network’s office floors and the Cartoon Network store at CNN Center, Atlanta.

2004, birthday
In the style of Hanna Barbera studios, circa 1960. 
* * - - -

The one thing that that stands out in my recollections about how/where he’d applied his talents out side of work is a fashion show where everything was constructed out of paper.

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