Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Isis Booker

Logistics involving paper, writing instruments, local selections of people and my attention not otherwise engaged govern of whom I draw caricatures - in other words I mostly draw the people I work with and much less so people outside of that circle.

Isis worked licensing and was one of those folks who have the thankless task to guide the makers of things (licensees) to properly reproduce characters to the liking of the owners of those characters (licensors) and hopefully to the liking of the fans (consumers).

red ink on paper
* * * * -

What Isis likes, she LIKES. She likes Disney, and tries to visit one of the Magic Kingdoms every year. She likes anime and so learned to speak and read Japanese. She likes Dragon*Con and attends in different costumes each of the first three days of the fantasy/ sci-fi convention.

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  1. Isis and three other people from the department were fired from the network last month. Unfortunately, this sketch is the only drawing I’d done of her.
    These tributes have come about initially because they were things I’ve recently drawn, caricatures for going away cards. I had done a couple of tributes a few years ago, but just haven’t kept up to the pace that I think I should have.