Sunday, November 13, 2011

Matthew Crouch

Matt Crouch worked just a few weeks short of 13 years as an off-channel designer at Cartoon Network, Atlanta; as such he’s work there for all the time that I have. (Off-channel roughly is everything that’s not “on-air” and includes billboards, and all sorts of printed promotional items like tee-shirts, trade collateral and etc.)

Going Away Card, 2011
light blue pencils and black roller ball ink on paper
* * * - -

Matt was one of the folks I knew who was fired two weeks ago. I drew the above faceless, faux-Hirschfield caricature above for his going away card.

2010, Speedy Recovery
carmine red pencil and black India Ink on paper
* * * * -

Matt was interested in fitness. He would go biking - I’m saying on mountains and stuff? He also did that P90X extreme workout. In my caricatures of him, I would exaggerate broad shoulders and wide chest.

2005, birthday
digital composite with cleaned scan of India ink
based on the anime style of Inuyasha
* * * - -

Matt likes comics, Star Wars and Japanese anime and manga and his cube was always an expression of that full action figures and statues. As a design art director, he was cast to work on action shows including the many Ben 10 series and Star Wars Clone Wars.

Matt, in his own words, also likes drinking, an aspect that anyone would find difficult to incorporate into marketing kids shows.

2004, birthday
digital color with cleaned scan of ink
vehicle based on the Swordfish II from Cowboy Bebop
* * * * *

When putting together my Merrill’s and my comic book feature for Tuff-Girl, I hired Matt to design a logo. When Merrill and I expanded the idea to the independent comic book, Unstoppable Tuff-Girl, I again asked him to design that logo. I want to see those logos on everything from tee-shirts, socks, tailgates and—movie posters.

[more Matt (2009):]
[more Matt (2010):]

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