Thursday, December 8, 2011

Brian McGee

Brian and I worked concurently as young artists at Disney Consumer Products for a few years, although as large as business was never on the same things. With random pieces of mail or phone calls people would get us confused, with us having the same name and same last intial.

To stave off more of that, I tried to to get people to refer to him as “Good Brian” to my “Bad Bryan.” That never caught on, and in that neither did my establishment of a bad boy reputation.

in the style of Tom Wilson’s “Ziggy”. 
* * - - -

Brain has solid drawing skills and a dramatic color sense. He also has a background drawing storyboards.

A few years later Brian was hired by Cartoon to specialize in digital illustration. Of note, he digitally painted the cover of a “Harvey Birdman” video game and several “Ben 10” DVD covers.

Brian’s blog:

[more Brian, 2009:]

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  1. As I focus on completing issue #2 of “Unstoppable Tuff-Girl” and bits of Christmas occupy more of my time, I'm continuing this series of caricature of folks who used to work at Cartoon Network.

    It’s unplanned, and probably has a lot to do with laziness - I have a lot of caricatures, but not a lot of time to do anything new for monotonae right now.