Monday, March 7, 2011

TAGS April 20 & 21, 1994

04/20: Rain dears.

04/21:The “un” in “fun”.

April 20: Tanya (otter, 3rd appearance) hates the rain while Polly (penguin, 18) likes it, although to judge them by their species, they both should enjoy the water. Eh - it serves the story. Gerry (a.k.a. Geri, beaver) returns in only her 2nd appearance since about the first dozen strips. Because her role is main that of middle-management, she doesn’t get involved in the funner stuff.

April 21: Monster doesn’t dole out trust very easily, as Hans (fox, 4) gets all he can the joy from early release.

What happens in a theme park when it rains? A lot of people leave - the annual pass-holders and multi-day admission ticket guests - but not all of the people. So nearly all the attractions keep running and all of the stores get packed full of people where character imprinted vinyl ponchos and nylon umbrellas magically appear on shelves. Some restaurants are strategically closed to guide guest to others that have some indoor seating, makeshift as it may be.

A warm summer rain in the evening grants you short or non-existent lines, puddles on cobblestone walk ways that reflect twinkling multi-colored lights from the carrousel, and a sloshy, bathtub on wheels roller coaster ride in and out of a 147-feet tall concrete mountain. Squich, squich, squich your toes wriggle inside your squeekers.

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