Monday, February 28, 2011

Supergirl: Ice Work If You Can Get It

a) Concept.
Red rollerball ink on pre-printed note pad paper.
17.8 cm  x  25.4 cm   (7.0 inch  x  10.0 inch).

b) Digital color over scan of India ink.

More Supergirl fan art.

From the concept drawing shown, I drew a new, tighter drawing, inked it and colored it digitally. I’m in the habit (or have assumed the procedure) of building the art on layers for future re-manipulation, tweaking or re-coloring. For example, Supergirl, the iceberg and chain are comprised of 6 layers: one for the line work, another for flat base color and four for effects or lighting and shading.


  1. Unbelievably SWEET!

    This is why I strive to be a better artist, as well as feel horrible about myself that I'm nowhere as good as you.

    It's all good though...!


  2. Thanks for the compliments.
    You know what they say about practice.