Monday, March 14, 2011

Mo and Mo

Atlanta, GA, Mar. 12 & 13, 2011 - Momocon. The two day comic convention, had a major Anime and Manga component judging by the what one could find in the dealers’ booths and the offerings along artist’s alley. Still it wasn’t exclusively so as evidenced by my table in the dealers’ room, across from a large display of tee-shirts.

I actually sold a modest number of books and often received the sincere comment, “you’re good,” which was sometimes mixed with a hint of surprise. The convention commission sketching business wasn’t so brisk, so most of what I spent my time doodling, I took home.

Here’s a sampling:
Blue She-Hulk.  This is was you get because I only bring red and blue pencils, and black pens.
Wonder Girl. The name was added in part because there was space, and in part because I felt like doing it this time when I usually don’t.
Ariel, the little mermaid.
Alice from Walt Disney’s “Alice in Wonderland.” There’s something about Alice and her adventures that appeals to girls. I don’t quite know what it may be. Curious.
Spider-Man. Time to give the Marvel characters their due. There’s something genius about Spidey’s costume design.
Dr. Doom. I don’t think I’ve drawn the ruler of Latveria since high school. And again I make due with red and blue pencils while lacking a green.
Tuff-Girl. It’s my booth, and I can drawn what I want.
Supergirl. I guess I’ve got to draw at least one Supergirl for every con I’m at.


  1. hi bryan
    i love your work! i will totally see if are willing to do a sketch or 2 for me at wondercon. :)

  2. Well, I guess the line starts with you.
    Thanks. I’ll see you at WonderCon.

  3. I thought I would give the caption feature a try. I kind of don’t like it very much. The containing boxes are unexpected.

  4. "received the sincere comment, 'you’re good,' which was sometimes mixed with a hint of surprise."

    I just stumbled across your work and I have to agree; you're good. I think the surprise come from "why haven't I ever heard of you before" as much as anything. That Lost Wages piece that's currently at the top of the page is great. Do you have a webplace where you sell your work?

  5. The people who work “behind the scenes” as I do in consumer products and marketing, are supposed to be invisible. That’s why nobody has ever heard of me.

    When I figure out my business plan, I’ll find an on-line place to sell some of my stuff, but commissioned fan art will be reserved for convention appearances and such.