Monday, March 28, 2011

Lost Wages

Light blue Col-Erase pencil and black India Ink on Bristol Board
27.94 cm  x  43.18 (11.00 inches  x  17.00 inches)

Following that manga style Tuff-Girl piece I made for MomoCon, I decide that I should create new pieces of art to commemorate every convention at which I plan to exhibit. Smart marketing or mis-guided errand?

Here Tuff-Girl and man-lizard baddie Rip Tyler are in the midst of another sparring session in front of a modified version of the famous “Las Vegas” sign. It seemed like a good idea - what with my writing partner Merrill Hagan using the city as the epicenter for Tuff-Girl adventure for the first couple of stories. However as an advertising image, it seems disconnected when I placed the WonderCon information on it, which will be in San Francisco. Oh well, that leaves it wide and clear to do something more connected next time.

If you’re following along with the development of the Tuff-Girl character, you may have picked up that I keep re-designing her costume. It’s not so much re-designing her costume as much as envisioning that in her different bases of operations or places where she can crash, she has closets full of different costume pieces and accessories. Beside, as you see here, she probably has them torn up pretty frequently.

From concept to final digital color, I estimate I totaled over ten hours on this piece. Up and through the inking, I has it in my mind that the image was in day light; so some of the black shadows are incongruous with the night time coloring I ultimately gave it.

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