Wednesday, February 16, 2011

MomoCon, 2011

Heads up, ya’ll!

This will be my first convention appearance of the year - MomoCon.

I hear it’s got a large anime component, so it seemed appropriate to try my hand at an anime style over Tuff-Girl and Wichita.

I’ll be a guest in the “Media” track, due to my day job - staff illustrator/ character artist for Cartoon Network. However, you can be sure that I will books and drawing to sell.

Admission cost: FREE!

I hope to see you there.

MomoCon, 2011
March 12-13, 2011
10am to Midnight (Sat)
10am to 10 pm (Sun)

Georgia Tech Square
5th Street and Spring
Atlanta, GA


  1. Yup. It's pretty solidly young (compared to AWA) and anime crowd. Commissions are very popular, but because of the age, you will have to carefully check what others are pricing.

    I'll be there, but in the artist alley which probably will not be in the same place...

  2. I've seen flyers for Anime Weekend Atlanta at my regular comics shop but I've never been. Maybe I'll get around to it this year.

    Good luck, SgL.