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TAGS February 03 & 04, 1994

02/03: Dare to be stupid.
02/04: That look.

February 03: Who is or was Edie's boyfriend? Who Cares? What matters is that she broke up with the guy. And should Murray (cheetah, 8th appearance) ask out Edie and should Rodney (African Lion, 3) ask out Jeannie (swan)? For the love of Pete, YES! Let's just get on with it!

Per the stereotype, the guys need a little more incentive to make that first big step, even if it comes in the form of a competitive dare session.

February 04: The setting here is looking into the employee cafeteria (noted in panel 1) which has big glass picture windows around it (as suggested by the partially lined characters and diagonal lines which are cartoon iconography of glass). If you were a Disneyland employee who worked on the west side of the Park (New Orleans Square or Bear Country) up until 2008, you might see that strip and say, "ah, I get it." If not, I guess it might look like the girls are trapped in a block of ice in the rain.

Edie (squirrel, 6), the same as is mentioned in the previous strip, (yes, I should have fitted her name in the dialog) probably shouldn't be looking for a new boyfriend so soon after the break up. On hind sight, it kind of makes her appear cold to her ex-boyfriend, what’s-his-name. On the other hand, I do want to keep the story lines moving.

Jill (reindeer, 2) makes her first appearance where she is named. The design question for anthropomorphic reindeer and other hoofed animals is whether or not they should have hands with fingers. The answer is that no, it is not required that they should. As long as the hoofs behave like fingered hands, it works in the cartoon as is evident in "The Powerpuff Girls." If it still bothers you as the designer, remember that Porky Pig wears gloves.

Oh, and for the sake of story, Edie is referring to Murray. If I were going to write about a love triangle, I would have created an ex-boyfriend for Edie.

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