Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Those Girls from That Weekend

HeoresCon, June 4-6, 2010
Charlotte, NC

In what resulted in this continuation of a June 7th "monotonae" post, "Girls for Sale," I recently typed my name in Google and found the site ComicArtFan, a self described gallery and marketplace of comic related art.

Here three members posted a combined total of seven scans of commissioned convention drawings I did at this years' HeroesCon.

This doesn't mean I'm famous or anything, but maybe in some way this may bring a little attention to Tuff-Girl.

This costume for this "classic" style of Cat Woman was from reference provided by the commissioner (That sounds funny. I guess I used the term "client" previously.). Yes, experienced comic convention attendees do carry stacks of reference with themselves in the hopes that they might get their favorite character re-created especially for them.

This composition was left open to me, so, no, I wasn't trying to re-create a comic book cover. The safe box is a bit of property that felt right for the image's story and something I gladly added on this, one of the first commissions of the con. However, since additional property means more drawing (i.e. work), I decided not to so easily volunteer extra work on later commissions.

This is Starfire in the now classic George Perez costume of the 1990's. The client, had a sketchbook nearly full of commisioned art mostly of Starfire based both on Perez's art and Glen Murakami's animated style from the fan favorite Cartoon Network series. I had to reference the sketchbooks previous entries for the costume details. Unfortunately I forgot to draw her arm band, an omission that bugged me the whole following week. I'm over it now.

I've drawn enough Wonder Woman art that I didn't require reference, and in fact, this one was drawn during some down time, and later sold. This, like most of the other pieces done at the con., is in the animation inspired style I've picked up, and you may argue that as result she appears too young.

You can type "Bryan Mon" in the search box for everything posted.


  1. You might have noticed that I draw more DC Comics characters over the Marvel ones. Well, it's true, DC has more of my favorite super-heroes.

    My two biggest influences to result in this preference was a big box of DC Comics my aunt gave my brothers and me (I now recognize as the big box of comics we stole from our cousins), and the Saturday morning cartoon, "The Super Friends."

  2. Good to hear you ran across the ComicArtFans site. You went above and beyond on the classic Catwoman in this post, thanks again! And nice to know you're a fellow DC fan.