Monday, May 12, 2008

120 [m ] Fostering a Feeling of Home

Digital art.

Here's something few people out side of the company will get to see: wall decoration and build-out in our 6th floor lobby.

No small amount of money is spent designing and constructing (well, the latter since the design part in handled in house) a creative work environment.

The layout of frames on the teal colored wall was designed by Jay Rogers and Shari Margolin and is applied to the wall as printed vinyl like wall paper. Themed after the show Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, the lobby area in front of the wall vinyl includes a table with chairs and a couch for casual meetings (not shown).

The last part, my bit, was a small stage on which 5-ft. character statues would stand and dimensional fireplace with faux fire. I designed the stage and fireplace and we went through a few rounds of pricing the construction.

It hasn't been built yet.

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