Saturday, May 3, 2008

120 [m ] Fall Guy, pt. 1

Red and blue pencil of copier paper.

Together with designer Matt Crouch, writer Clint Carruth and illustrator Darren Hunt I worked on six conceptual drawings for the FusionFall page/month of the 2008 Cartoon Network calendar.

FusionFall is or will be a Massive Multi-player Online Game (MMOG) kind of like, as it's been described to me, World of Warcraft and City of Heroes. Players will create an avatar that interacts with alternate-reality, Manga-styled versions of Cartoon Network characters.

The calendar page would be in the style of a Russian propaganda poster. I also wanted to have something catchy reminiscent of WWII U.S. propaganda posters - like "Loose Lips Sink Ships." In all of the drawings, there is a play on the idea that there are things in the game, "Fusions", which should be avoided.

We proceeded with the bottom design of the three presented here with the line-up of large characters at the bottom.

Maybe I'll post the final image when the game officially launches.

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