Thursday, June 5, 2008

120 [m ] Summer Consumer Ad

Blue pencil and black roller ball ink on copier paper.

The two biggest properties on the network last year (at least by the standards of marketing and licensing push) were Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends and Ben 10. Of course, we have to tell people stuff like that, thus the function of the consumer ad.

The creative problems are these: 1) one is a comedy while the other an action show; 2) nary shall the two meet and mingle; and 3) we had one ad page.

The logical evolution of this was to choose a property or defer the ad until another time. I think we went with the later.

This image actually consists of two visual metphors which I have kept re-introducing at the conceptual stages of image campaigns for the respective programs.
For Foster's, it's about imagination, so the metaphor is things coming out of Mac's head. That's not what the show is about, but to the uninitiated, it's close enough.
For Ben 10, it's a bunch of alien heroes coming out of the boy, Ben. On that show, Ben turns into one of a dozen and counting alien forms through DNA manipulation - yada, yada, yada. The metaphor works well enough.

Now that I think about it, neither our marketing nor our licensing groups has ever favored visual metaphors. They both love big character, however.

Eh, I should just give up.

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