Sunday, May 24, 2015

Wear For Art Now, Tuff-Girl?

From the first time Merrill and I set up a booth at Heroes Convention in 2010 to begin promoting the first printed issue of Unstoppable Tuff-Girl comic book, the tables of stuff for sale were supplemented with printed tee-shirts. Up until now, monotonae (this blog) had not featured any of those designs. But a few weeks ago popped up the Facebook query asking about them.

Here’s what I have in stock, and with which we will be returning to Heroes:

TUFF-GIRL Red/ black cap sleeve raglan
This is a follow-up version of the first cap sleeve I designed for the time Silver Comics shared booth space. That first design only had the logo on the front but printed in black. The selection of the shirt design had everything to do with the paring of its two colors with the bonus of it not being a traditional tee-shirt cut. At the time of this second order/run, American Apparel was going to discontinue the style. Who knows if or when I’ll make another run.

TUFF-GIRL Pink tee-shirt
This is a pink shirt! Unfortunately the color doesn’t pop well under the lighting a lot of convention halls have, but I think it looks good in the sun.

 TUFF-GIRL Black hoody
Often you will find some convention halls are chilly or have cold spots thanks to high volume air coolers. Perhaps those conditions are enough to nudge a sale or two of a stylish, warm piece of Tuff-Girl apparel? In the areas of transport and display there are difficulties the bulk of a black, long-sleeve hoody presents from an exhibitor’s perspective. I frequently have to decide to only take one or two of each size to a con if I can take any at all. And folded up in a corner on a 6-foot table top doesn’t show the long sleeves or the hood.

TUFF-GIRL Red character shirt for girls
Yes, this currently is a kids-exclusive design. However, probably of all the shirts I have, it probably has gotten the most fans to stop at the table. I’m going to make adult sizes soon, because I’ve been disappointing too many fans who don’t want a tiny shirt. Sorry, but I won’t have adult sizes of this one soon enough for Heroes Con.

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