Saturday, May 16, 2015

120 [m ] - Season Three-tings

Here is the third of Cartoon Network’s complete season home video compilations. As I had done on the second, I provided necessary illustration and served as a sort of associate art director.

Following the character feature conceit with Finn for season one, and Ice King for two, with number three, we treated fans with favorite Beemo, a.k.a. B.M.O. Beemo’s characteristic rectangular face made him a natural fit for a DVD and Blu-ray case. Nickelodeon’s Spongebob works the same way.

For the design, we were fortunate that a few episodes by then had shown some of what Beemo’s innards looked like. Still the images of memory chips and hard drive discs we used for the disc art are rather boring, and probably why the internet doesn’t have fan pics of them. However, this led us to trying to re-think the printed contents insert page. Beemo conceptually doesn’t/ wouldn’t have a muscular structure reveal like that of what we did for season one and season two, certainly not one to be distinctive from the circuit board front and battery tray back we wanted on the case wrap. 

I then presented a proof-of-concept of the slip case with Beemo’s arms and legs attached. His arms and legs I had figured would fit on the top half of the printed insert, in fact I needed to make sure they’d fit, thus the proof-of-concept. I try to avoid the “would it be great if.., oh, that won’t work,” high-low scenario. With the proof-of-concept, art director, Candice and everyone pretty much said, “Yes, of course that’s what we should to do.” 

Now, I have no idea how many folks are willing to cut up their printed inserts to paste relatively flimsy arms and legs on to card board slip cases, but a few must have, and maybe the others got tickled by the thought that they hold a sort of kit to build Beemo.

And because I didn’t think that I could top “Build your own Beemo” for a DVD case, I left Cartoon Network.

Just kidding. That’s not why.

Adventure Time: The Complete Third Season
Art direction: Candice H.

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