Saturday, May 16, 2015

120 [m ] - One Upon an Adventure Time

I had worked on a number of Cartoon Network’s DVD packages up until I parted ways for other things. I’ve mentioned a few times, I’ve worked on the arguably repetitious Ben 10 DVD package designs, extending from the original series through it’s Ultimate Alien installments. I also worked on the first three “Complete Season” compilations for Adventure Time.

With the first season, the conception owes to Candice ’s art direction. As a simplified telling of it’s evolution, as the first and expectedly popular (should sell a lot of ’em) DVD compilation, it was thought that it should be special. “Let’s give it a slip case.” “Let’s leverage lead character Finn’s iconic hat silhouette.” “Yeah! THAT’s the slip case! You remove that slip case to reveal... uh, hat-less Finn and his luscious, blond hair!” Then everything else with the printed insert and disc art played on deeper revelations.

As the illustrator, I came up with muscle-structure (skinless) Finn, and Finn’s skull and finally Finn’s brain.

I’d say that my most important creative contribution was to assuage fears of showing Finn’s blonde hair between the slip cover’s die-cut hat ears. It was a small discussion, to be sure, but seeing what’s Finn’s hair outside his hat make no logical sense. However, as an area of flat yellow, it takes on a different function as that of non-character field color.

Adventure Time: The Complete First Season
Art direction: Candice H.

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