Wednesday, August 21, 2013

TAGS July 25 & 26, 1994

  07/25: Din That Special

07/26: Deco-Rations

July 25: If there’s an art and/ or science to marketing a celebration, then the Disney Parks does it as well as anybody. As commentary, that may be why it’s the 26th anniversary and not the more recognized milestone 25th, and how Happiland isn’t going to let it pass with commemorative ribbons, button or little toothpick flags.

Gerry (beaver, 3th appearance), Corina (poodle, 6), Fern (kangaroo, 5)

July 26: Herein is the first and last appearance of manager, Monica, for the sole purpose of having a “suit”/ authority figure. Also for the role, the suit characters are taller than the regular TAGS cast. If you think about it, the height difference, while visually convenient for communicating hierarchy, doesn’t make a lot of sense, when the TAGS cast aren’t intended to be children as Charlie Brown and gang are in Peanuts.

Barron (teddy bear, 14), Hans (fox, 5), John (greyhound, 3)

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