Saturday, August 24, 2013

Dragon Drawing

sketchbook explorations

For my print commemorating Merrill’s and my return to Dragon*Con this year, I wanted to feature Tuff-Girl fighting a fire-breathing dragon. After a few sketches, the editor in my head said, “well, that's just ridiculous”.

It’s a good thing that Merrill came up with Rip Tyler the reptile man. With T.G. & R.T. battling it out in front, an image in the back of a warrior woman facing off with a towering winged reptile could be a metphor. For additional visual differentiation, I fell on the “Wichita” cartoony style for Tuff-Girl’s reality. Then dumbly I drew what would become a background poster, in more the action-adventure style employed on the main feature “Tuff-Girl” stories in our comic Unstoppable Tuff-Girl. I say “Dumbly” because that doesn’t make sense  - if the “Wichita” style is a more simply drawn reality, then the poster too would be simply drawn too.

Uhm. – – – Oh, well.

Rip’s hand posing was swapped, because I didn’t like how in the sketch he appeared to be groping at her.

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