Sunday, March 11, 2012

Meredith McClaren

December of last year, Meredith was named one of the 13Fantastic (New) Female Comic Creators of 2011 on Kelly (3 Chicks Review Comics) Thompson’s blog about comics and things.

Meredith, 2008a, * * * * -

When she was an intern with our illustration group, I drew this caricature as I had intended to do of all the folks I worked with.

Meredith, 2008b, * * * * -

Then I drew this alternate version, having not been wholly satisfied with the previous - and I don’t know why exactly. Was it the third position ballet pose? Was it that the ice cream and her ponytail need more puffiness, more life?

[Meredith, 2008, * * * * -]

[Meredith, 2009, * * * - -]

Visit her blog, “IniquitousFish”:

Read her weekly comic strip, “Scraps”

Read her illustrated story “Hinges” with new pages posted Fridays:

See more of her art:

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