Saturday, March 28, 2009

Stepping Up the Art

TCS Illustration 2007-2009
paint markers on wall

I've drawn a number of caricatures of my co-workers, most times for special occasions like birthdays and other times simply because people have the unfortunate luck of sitting in front of me during staff meetings.

It had been my intention to draw little representations of the staff of the Cartoon Network Trade Creative Services (TCS) department ever since Gary and Ed (VP TCS, and Art Director for Illustration) began to encourage folk to scribble, draw and paint on the bare walls of the stair wells in the new building on the Atlanta Turner campus - well, new in 2007. Working over the course of four lunch breaks, I drew this grouping of 11 kid-version caricatures this month. The project was purred on by the February "downsizing" four of our illustration group.

To complete the larger project, I have a 18 caricature crowd of the design side of TCS to draw - more with the inclusion of interns and in-house freelancers. I'm not including the five folks of the Williams Street/ Adult Swim design team also part of TCS, sorry guys, to keep things to people folks who worked in the new building. Ack, but I've already broken that rule with the inclusion of Burbank illustrators, Jim and Dan.

(l-r: Brian McGee, Eric Nelson (production manager), Bryan Mon, Ed Murrieta (Art Director, in wagon), Meredith McClaren (intern 2008), Jim Valeri, Dan Thompson, Darren Hunt, Gary Anthony (production), Margeaux McClelland (intern 2007), Stephanie Gladden)

This photo is a composite image in order to erase the banister railings.

Brian **---, Eric ***--, Bryan ****-, Ed ***--, Meredith ***--, Jim **---, Dan **---, Darren **---, Gary ****-, Margeaux ***--, Stephanie **---

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  1. This is adorably amazing!
    I can't wait to see the extended crew!