Sunday, March 11, 2012

Margeaux McClelland

Margeaux is a young artist trying to make her way in the world as a freelance illustrator and comic artist.
Margeaux, 2007, * * * * -
When she was an intern with our illustration group, I drew this caricature of her to post of her shingle a.k.a. cube number sign. At the time, I had a personal goal to caricature all the folks I worked with. The most iconic part of this drawing, the Mary Marvel inspired shirt, was something I made up. If I was to even to make her shirt more fitting with what I knew at the time about her personality and affinities, I should have at least done some thing “Dragonball Z” themed.

Also, I now think I missed the mark with the faded earthy colors, and rather should have used bright colors.

 [Margeaux, 2009, * * * - -] 

Visit Margeuax’s blog (a.k.a. “Margeuax’s Art Dump): 

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